Excess baggage
Excess baggage. A few tips for the "light" airfare

Excess baggage. A few tips for the "light" airfare


Excess baggage for a number of passenger airliners could turn quite a big problem, particularly it refers to a category of passengers preferring tickets economy class, where the weight of baggage is very, very limited. Naturally, for any excess baggage will have to pay an additional fee, but if the pre-admit the possibility that the advantage can be avoided, do not necessarily pay.


Excess baggage and how to avoid it


The first, and perhaps the main rule that you need to know in order to prevent you from overshooting your baggage, is mainly that you need to take with you all the necessary things. If you are going on vacation in warm countries, then naturally a large number of things you do not need to take with you does not make sense - mainly here will come swimsuit, swimming trunks, summer shoes (sandals, sandals, slippers, etc.), towels, light shirts and T-shirts, etc. If the country you are going to travel to does not have a sustainable climate, then warm things can be taken, but you should not do it in large quantities.



Quite often travelers are trying to bring more number of additional items, which include a hairdryer, bathrobe, shampoo, etc., but need only view the information about the hotel in which you are intending to stay in order to understand what things in your suitcase will become superfluous , And believe me - the weight of luggage is seriously reduced.

The second rule of how to avoid excess baggage is the right choice of a bag or suitcase. Most of today's suitcases are made of plastic, with a transport device weighs certainly not least 4-5 kilos, all of which significantly reduces the amount of things that you can take with you. Selecting a suitcase for travel by plane, you can choose it as a light, but also do not forget about the strength - Fabric options suitable for this case as well as possible.



Finally, in order not to get trapped with excess baggage, check it on their own weight, with almost always can be done either at the airport or directly to the hotel or the hotel. Also, do not forget the hand baggage, which can be shifted with the possibility of several not forbidden to be carried on board the things, in particular, it relates to clothing, a number of souvenirs, etc. Note that you can also put on a number of different things that can also reduce the weight of your luggage.

It should be emphasized that a number of European airports indifferent to small overweight baggage - within 2-3 kilos, in particular with regard to airport Arlanda (Sweden), where you just remind you that you have a slight advantage, and recommend more carefully spread out their belongings or refuse to carry anything.


Excess baggage. Is it better to pay the extra weight or to purchase a ticket in business class?



To date, many aircraft passengers are confronted with a question related mainly to further actions after the excess baggage was discovered. Someone suggests, if possible, to pay for the preponderance of luggage, whoever says that it is more profitable to get a ticket to the business class, which will automatically increase the number of kilograms carried. Disputes around this situation do not stop so far, but it should be noted that the cheapest option is to make surcharge for excess baggage, but this is only if the excess baggage is no more than 3-4 kilogram, otherwise, sometimes it can become More profitable purchase of a business class ticket.