Re-equip without helicopters
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Re-equip without helicopters

Re-equip without helicopters

“Russian President Vladimir Putin announced the adoption of a new State Armaments Program (LG) for 2018 – 2027.                                                                 

As for aviation, it is planned to adopt the latest Su-57 fighters (PAK FA, known as T-50) and MiG-35, modernize Tu-95MS bombers, Tu-160M and Tu-22M3, and create a long-range aviation complex PAK YES) "(TASS).

Helicopters are not visible, probably, in the program documents due to their old age and it is inconvenient to remember them. But the designers of the cost center themselves set the tone for the helicopter stagnation. For example, in the film "The Magnificent Eight" (to the 50th anniversary of the Mi-8) gene. the designer of the cost center A.G. Samusenko publicly declares that the Mi-8 will fly for another half a century, so there is nothing surprising in the fact that they stopped remembering about helicopters. Besides the deputy. Defense Minister Yuri Borisov has already signed an agreement for 100 Mi-28NM helicopters for 2019.

The Navy is another matter: “… it is planned to receive by 2025 two helicopter carriers equipped with the latest Ka-52K Katran maritime helicopters. And where there are helicopter carriers, there are Katrans, a tandem - which was started by the small Ka-15 in the distant Soviet times. Then everything was fair: they put into service not a corrupt official, but a WINNER! The Ka-15 won the right to serve on ships then against the stronger Mi-1 helicopter: it was more compact, it was safer to board the ship while rolling, since the tail rotor did not interfere due to its absence, and carried the same amount of cargo as the Mi-1 with a more powerful engine. Then the more advanced and powerful Ka-25s were replaced, then the Ka-27, a solid helicopter with unique capabilities, “which is capable of detecting, tracking and destroying submarines following at a depth of 500 m at speeds up to 75 km / h in search areas , remote from the home ship up to 200 km. At the same time, the helicopter can do this at sea waves up to 5 points day and night in simple and difficult weather conditions ”(“ Zvezda ”).

But to him for the replacement in the firm "Kamov" under the leadership of General Designer S. V. Mikheyev, an even more advanced and high-speed helicopter is being built:

"As the Chief of Naval Aviation of the Russian Navy, Major-General Igor Kozhin, earlier said, by the year of 2020 the company" Kamov "will create a radically new helicopter for Russian naval aviation. Today the name of this helicopter - "Lamprey" became known.

 According to Igor Blinov, consultant for the Association of Helicopter Industry magazine, the main distinguishing features are: “the salon will be closer in size to the G-8 (Mi-8 helicopter, note“ ES ”), the speed in the Minogue will be increased to 320 km per hour . "(, 03.12.2015).

Likha trouble - the beginning and, if I understand correctly, then from the classic Mi-X1, the managers of the holding have finally refused:

"The first concept (Mi-X1) is a helicopter similar to the American Piasecki X2 with the use of an additional propeller at the end of the tail boom. Not the best technical solution - most likely this car will not accelerate even to 450 km / h, which again is associated with the behavior of the main rotor.This is already confirmed by the Americans - in these studies they went a little further than Russia.

The concept of the Russian design bureau "Kamov" corresponds to the decisions of the American Sikorsky - two main rotor and one pusher. It uses the "advancing blade" technology - the left half of the lower rotor and the right half of the upper one work to create the lift. This technical trick solves the speed issue, but equips the helicopter with a very sophisticated blade control system, "emphasizes the expert (General Director of the Russian Helicopters holding Andrey Boginsky. News.rambler).

I believe that the insight in the heads of "effective managers" and designers of the cost center came not from conscience, but from the fact that, according to a contract with the Ministry of Defense ("Russian Helicopters"), in November this year they are obliged to show the real appearance of a high-speed helicopter, created for the Air Force with its subsequent implementation.

 It is clear that high-speed eyewash with the Mi-X1 in this case in relation to the Air Force will not work, because Defense Minister S.K. Shoigu punishes hack-work and not weakly! And the Air Force pilots are aware that the American "Piasecki X2" is a little bit older than our Mi-38, but the result is "penny": its real maximum speed today is 400 km / h. This is also good speed, but far from the 1k / h bluffing by the designers of the cost center for the Mi-X520, which they managed to hold back the real high-speed projects Ka-92 and Ka-102 for as much as 10 years. But "better late than never"! So, judging by the statement of A. Boginsky, the Ka-92 project has struck the road to life!

And here is the work of the gene. The cost center designers got stuck in the long-obsolete classical scheme and, in my opinion, today they have a "broken trough", because a helicopter of any other scheme is a problem for them, and a single-rotor without a tail rotor they once "presented" to Eurocopter, which, without wasting time, the X3 demonstrator was built according to this scheme, reaching a record speed of 472k / h on it.

And the Milevs continued to "improve" the old man Mi-24, solidly naming it: "Flying Platform" and believing that in the summer of 2016 year it will reach the speed of 450km / h.

Alas - another bluff! At this time, the European Helicopter Holding Company Airbus Helicopters introduced the project of the prospective high-speed rotorcraft RACER (Rapid and Cost-Effective Rotorcraft, fast and cost-effective rotorcraft.) 27June 2017.)

7 April 2016 on the portal "Avia Pro" was printed article "Is it possible to replace helicopters from the last century?", Where I described the proposed scheme of a single-rotor helicopter without tail rotor:

“The absence of tail and end booms after the classical scheme will greatly facilitate the design, which will increase the power-to-weight ratio and the useful loading of the rotorcraft. So, instead of the tail rotor on the right wing, install a gearbox with a reversible propeller (propeller) with a power equal to the maximum consumed power xv. screw, i.e. up to 15%. On the left wing, install a TVD with a pulling propeller (propeller) with a power twice as large, i.e. up to 30%. Aircraft-type fuselage with tail unit ”(

From Milev constructors, as you might expect, there are no emotions, but Eurocopter did not long wait for itself:

"May 20, 2016, 9: 39 PM Airbus simply patented what could be the fastest helicopter in the world"

“Unlike the X3 prototype, the propellers of the patented helicopters are mounted behind the wings, not in front. According to the patent, this helps to reduce noise and vibrations while improving lift and passenger safety. The authors of the patents indicate that further development of the project will include turbojet engines. This means the patented helicopter is likely to be significantly faster than the record-breaking X3. This new patent could also be the latest in low-impact fast and efficient Rotor-craft, or LifeRCraft, which Airbus helicopters hinted at in 2014. This project is also based on the X3 concept. “Airbus has patented a helicopter concept with“ at least one lift motor and a main rotor, at least one pair of wings, at least a pair of horizontal thrust motors, one each on the right and left ”(Business Insider).

If "Airbus" in this scheme gives out speed records, then first of all I wanted to see a greater economic return in comparison with the classic one: by getting rid of heavy tail and end beams, the weight of the helicopter structure will be much less in favor of the payload, and due to the wing propellers cruising speed will increase to at least 320 km / h, which will have a positive effect on the flight range, while the rotor blades are serial from the Mi-8, as well as the main gearbox, which promises the cheapness of the project.

But the most interesting thing is that this "Scheme of the helicopter BI Yuriev, patented in 1910 year. The patent formula read: "A single-screw helicopter, characterized in that the torque generated by the lifting screw is destroyed by the moment of forces of the two small screws acting at the ends of some shoulder perpendicular to the axis of the large screw." (Yuryev Boris Nikolaevich, creator of the world's first uniaxial helicopter).

And it was implemented in Russia in the times of "King of the Pea": Russian Aviation Museum Bratuhin 11-EA 1936.

Experimental rotorcraft of TsAGI 11-EA.

  • Developer: TsAGI, I.P. Bratukhin
  • Country: USSR
  • First flight: 1940

I have no doubt that over time, such a rotorcraft will return to us, and today we have a promising coaxial Ka-32-10AG to replace the eight and, contrary to the efforts of Western technology lobbyists, this helicopter will sooner or later be in operation, because its advantages over the "Mi" are obvious:

The Mi-171A2 has a maximum flight speed of 280 km / h, while the Ka-32-10AG will have this cruising speed.

Ka-32-10AG on the external suspension can carry up to 7t. , while Mi-171A2 with the same engines - only up to 5t, not to mention flight safety: if a lateral gusty wind is capable of filling Mi-8 on its side, then a coaxial helicopter such wind from either side is not a hindrance.

 Not only the blind, or the enemy of Russia can not see the clear superiority of the Ka-32-10AG helicopter over the Mi-8!


 And this year our combat helicopter pilots will receive:

  1. 6 * Ka-52 attack helicopters;
  2. 30 * multipurpose helicopters Mi-8 different modifications;
  3. 20-24 percussion helicopter Mi-28N, Mi-28UB and Mi-35M;
  4. 1 * multipurpose helicopter Mi-38T. "

* (Resource News of Russia)


And what helicopters should our Armed Forces be equipped with this year:

  1. 6 * Ka-52 attack helicopters;
  2. 30 * multipurpose helicopters Ka-32-10AG of various modifications;
  3. 20-24 percussion helicopter Ka-50 "Black Shark".

At the beginning, supporters of Mi-28 flaunted that Mi-28 is very cheap compared to Ka-50, and for "poor" Russia this is the main argument in favor of the Mi-28 helicopter. Today, prices have leveled off, but our Army continues to arm these mediocre and unreliable helicopters for the joy of the Americans, instead of the outstanding Black Shark drummers. The reason for the Ka-50 unicity for its removal from the arsenal with the replacement for Mi-28 is exactly the same "convincing" as the American "proofs" of the chemistry in the Duma with the subsequent missile attack on Syria!

Vitalii Belyaev specifically for

Vladimir 02 May 2018 in 20: 01
I am amused by the expression "carrying capacity" in relation to the Mi-1, and the Ka-15 too. They could only carry a gas station and an application.

Vladimir 02 May 2018 in 20: 01
I am amused by the expression "carrying capacity" in relation to the Mi-1, and the Ka-15 too. They could only carry a gas station and an application.

*** In the IMF "orders are not transported", there "orders are transported", and I did better than the Mi-15 with the Ka-1.

To make a breakthrough in helicopter construction, I want to remind our government of the main truths:
1. We need talented developers-enthusiasts such as Mikhail Leontyevich Mil and Nikolai Ilich Kamov, for which it is necessary to seriously prepare young cadres, starting with the school bench, and not engage in any kind of garbage like the USE and the Bologna education system. We need a Soviet system and an education school, which have recently been deliberately and consistently destroyed.
2. We need powerful state funding, targeted programs like Soviet ones. And the state does not have enough money, because the so-called leaders have deliberately missed the people’s money, and now, with their permission, from the “successful business oligarchs” in offshores and in the Forbes magazine, and you, comrade leaders, I think - that from the bounty of the people. In short, our money was crying. And as long as this dead-end economic system exists in Russia, I doubt that a fundamental breakthrough in helicopter engineering is possible.

I am amused by the expression "carrying capacity" in relation to the Mi-1, and the Ka-15 too. They could only carry a gas station and an application.

Yes-a ... With this government from our swarm will not work ... nothing ....

We need to change the government led by Medvedev! That's when you can achieve improvement in all areas of industry, civil and military industries. Also in the economy, finance, and in the fight against corruption. And so we only show-show artists with television, speculators, business sports and deputies with bureaucrats thrive on the poor working population of the country. How can a state develop with such a ballast of freeloaders? What is their use for scientific and technological progress?

Medvedev lived, Medvedev is alive, Medvedev will live, he was placed by international Zionism, and to no Putin, let alone the so-called people, is not removed.

How many do not change the composition of the government without changing the legislative framework that decides the fate of the untouchables in the government, we can not achieve a positive result. We are told by officials and paid mass media daily about the care of officials in the social sphere (education, health). However, what is the result in fact - poverty among workers in the sphere of production, corruption.

Aha, and it will be like before Putin - the salary is delayed for half a month, the banditry is scared off, people are killed in droves in Chechnya, they even sell booze to babies, George Soros publishes history textbooks where causal links and facts are completely excluded, the salary of several million for which is nothing it is impossible to buy in a few months, the army has a meager monetary allowance, backward equipment, officers are forced to earn extra money at night unloading cars, pensions are held for two months, Gusinsky has his own TV channel and a private army, Brezovsky has got his hands on and destroyed Aeroflot, British Petroleum does not take our oil for money and "at the expense of" in which he writes everything down to the last pencil, Nemtsov sells state-owned enterprises to foreigners for a song, Khodorkovsky and Platon Lebedev - 10 times hide oil taxes, escape from prosecution and kill managers giving honest testimony, and young guys against their will are forced to kill a brotherly conscientious people in Chechnya - just like now in Ukraine, Poroshenko is sending Ukrainians to kill Ukrainians. Do you remember? Still wanting a repeat? So that we can become like in Libya, in Syria or in Iraq?

Dimon, you're just a stupid freak. He was neither in Lebanon nor in Syria nor in Iraq. You sit with a bottle of beer and argue, you're afraid. that at you from a hand a bottle will snatch out. Do or make faster, and that you will not be in time.

There is a salary, but there is no money, but you hold on. So we live under Putin-Medvedev.

Who does not want to work, but likes to argue, what a bad government, it has always been and will be without money

Earlier - 3 and more years ago, 24 and 8 flew above us, now I see them rarely, new flyers fly. It was vdikovinku them to see, now on the contrary, it will soon be difficult to see 8.

Surviving their age, cracking at all seams, heavy trucks Mi-26T

we do not have new helicopters just because the helicopter industry was headed by Serdyukov !!!!! where was our army with him and what? ....