Transportation of infants on the plane
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Transportation of infants on the plane

Transportation of infants on the plane. Baby cradle.


How does the Baby carriage in the aircraft and that such children cradleYou read below ...

Infant - a child who has not yet reached its 2-th birthday at the start of the journey.

Animation transportation of children

Admission and limitations.


The following rules apply reception / restrictions:

  1. -mladentsy not accepted for carriage in the first seven days of life, but to long medical condition.
  2. -not more than one child per accompanying adult over 15 years and not more than odnog infant per accompanying adult over 18 years.


Aviation baby cradle


For each infant in excess of the above number, an escort in the person of a company representative must be requested and paid.

The maximum number of babies on board the plane determined by the amount of available oxygen masks ispetsialnyh seat belts for infants.





Infants are not entitled to a separate passenger seat.

Usually, pre-allocated space during bronirovaniya.esli place is not booked, it should be allocated a suitable place

Infants can not sit in rows near the emergency exit.

If all the seats are occupied in the compartment, the baby can be put only in the bay, where there is more oxygen mask.

Special assistance and priority in boarding order are offered for passengers traveling with infants.



Aviation baby cradle.


Aviation baby cradles or baskets are used to house babies approximately 6-8 months old.

They provide sheet, pillow and a blanket, and put tudamozhno only of infants, their toys and baby food, and nothing else.


  1. Aviation baby cradle or basket must be ordered during bronirovaniya.Oni free.
  2. Cradles and baskets. Mounted on the floor or suspended from the cabin bulkhead.
  3. Cradles or korzinamii not be used during turbulence, they have to be hidden during takeoff and landing.
  4. Approximate dimensions: 70 cm (27,5 inches) in length and 30 cm (11 inches) in width.
  5. Weight of the child are ogranichen.Ogranicheniya: 10 and 16 kg kg, including cart.
  6. Cradles and baskets are provided only for Dumb types of aircraft.
  7. Private baby basket is a basket of belonging to passengers. Isprolzovanie personal childhood baskets during flight is not allowed.
  8. Use only permitted when not illuminated sign "Fasten seat belts" is allowed only on certain types of samorleta dimensions should not exceed the size of a standard aviation cradles / baskets.
  9. Dimensions must not exceed the size of a standard aviation cradles or baskets.
  10. It is not allowed to use the upper part of the stroller if its dimensions exceed the maximum.
  11. Using the same location and that for children air baskets.
  12. Transportiprovka free of charge. Passengers are advised to keep the registration in the stroller in the folded position and where possible to use the "transfer of the aircraft."


Child seat car type.


  1. For a baby to be bought by an ordinary passenger seat at the children's rate.
  2. It should be given a seat at the window.
  3. The child seat can not be installed in the ranks at the emergency exit, as well as in the ranks of which are directly in front of or directly behind a number of the exit. It can be used for infants under the age of 2h years.
  4. The dimensions of the base of the child seat must not exceed 40 cm (15 7 inches). This restriction allows the installation of a child seat in all seats of the passenger compartment. It must be equipped with a baby's shoulder strap.
  5. The design of child seats should allow reliable fastening strap usual seat in the cabin and must not interfere with the slope of the seat in front.
  6. Child seat belt should be secured prior to departure and must remain in this state until the very arrival.
  7. Transportation is free of charge.
  8. Using a child seat car type is not allowed.
  9. Pleasure strollers.
  10. They can bring up to the door of the plane.
  11. Strollers are marked at the time of registration, passengers are advised to keep strollers are folded and as far as possible to use the "transfer of the aircraft."
  12. Transportation is free of charge.



Transportation of infants on the plane.


Families with children.

A child is a passenger under the age of 2 12 years before, which pays for transportation by applicable child fare is a regular passenger ticket and takes a separate passenger seat.


Admission and limitations.

In principle, children traveling accompanied by an adult, does not apply any special rules for admission.

The maximum number of children on board the plane defined by the presence of standard safety provisions for children on board the aircraft.

Seating. Children can not sit in rows beside the emergency exits, there are two children in one place is strictly prohibited.

Special assistance. Passengers traveling with small children or more children can be offered help and advantage of priority boarding the aircraft.


Rules of transportation of children

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Please tell me, making a flight with baby 1god and 5 months, can I drop off the child in a wheelchair to off the plane? It will not be considered as baggage?
And if I take the car seat in the cockpit in addition to the carry-on baggage, which is planned to be used as a cradle? Or do I have to pass it in the luggage compartment?
And whether I realized that I can take with you on board the need for child nutrition, including liquid infant formula?


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