transportation of unaccompanied minors
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Transportation of unaccompanied minors

Transportation of unaccompanied minors


How is it done? transportation of unaccompanied minors you will learn below.


Different procedures for maintenance of unaccompanied minors:

  • -on the departure station
  • -on transit station
  • -on station transplant
  • -on arrival station


The procedure at the departure station


At the departure station must adhere to the following procedure:


  1. you need to make sure that the unaccompanied minor is in possession of all the necessary documents (passport, visa, etc.), completed and signed application for maintenance of the minor, a bag for documents unaccompanied minor-filled name and route.
  2. Does carrying unaccompanied minor universal payment order for payment for the service, if not, then direct the passenger to the ticket counter or, depending on local circumstances.
  3. It should be necessary to archive a copy of the application for the unaccompanied minor service.
  4. We must see to it that in the record were made correct and mark that an unaccompanied minor has been allocated a place specially equipped.
  5. A minor should be taken into safe custody until boarding the aircraft.
  6. The minor must be boarded the aircraft and placed in the care of a crew of flight attendants who sign for the unaccompanied minor. The information must be transferred to the destination station, to the transit station.


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The procedure in the transit station.


At transit stations must adhere to the following procedure.


  1. If disembarkation is not required, then the minor must be left unaccompanied on board the aircraft during the ground parking, under the supervision of a crew of flight attendants. If disembarkation is required, you need to meet an unaccompanied minor at the front hatch of the aircraft and take him under safe guardianship until the next boarding.
  2. It must be signed a special document on the ship taking the unaccompanied minor.


The procedure at the station transplant.


At transfer stations, an unaccompanied minor is met at the front hatch of an arriving aircraft. A special ship document is signed on the admission of an unaccompanied minor. Check-in for your connecting flight is in progress and travel documents are checked. The minor is taken into safe guardianship until boarding the aircraft or, as the case may be, before being handed over to the receiving carrier. In the case of a transfer with a change of airline, the receiving carrier must sign a copy of the application for serving an unaccompanied minor.


The procedure for unaccompanied minor service.


The station of arrival.


On arrival stations must adhere to the following procedure.

  1. -unaccompanied minor must be met at the front hatch of the arriving aircraft
  2. Must-have signed a special document on the ship taking the unaccompanied minor.
  3. - unaccompanied minors must go through border control, customs control, help in obtaining luggage.


Are there any unaccompanied minor authorized adult specified in the application for service ??


  1. -If yes, then you need to verify the identity of a meeting
  2. -one must sign to accept a minor from hand to hand.
  3. -If this does not happen, contact an authorized meet to clarify the situation.
  4. -If an authorized, to meet can not be contacted, then contact the parent / guardian to the original station.
  5. -If necessary, unaccompanied minor returns to the original station.


All costs associated with this operation, charged with a parent or guardian.


Operational problems.


In the event of operational problems, the following operational activities, in addition to the usual activities.

  1. Unaccompanied minors, are constantly kept under secure guardianship in accordance with local regulations.
  2. -for he organized an alternative or further transportation.
  3. -roditelyam or guardian or authorized adult will be provided on arrival and departure of the problems encountered and decisions (route change, alternative transportation, accommodation, etc).
  4. -If there is a need to bind with the service operations management at headquarters to discuss possible solutions.
  5. -If flight is interrupted, for example, in Switzerland, then communicate with the Management Service crew for organizing the reception.


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Accompanying minors representative.




At the request of a parent or legal guardian can identify the carrier representative to accompany minors between 3h months to 12 years traveling without an accompanying adult over the permanent 15 years.

Admission and limitations. The following rules apply reception.

Age from 0 months before 3h-flight accompanied by a representative of the company is not allowed.

Ot2h months to 5 years-Child must be accompanied by a company representative. If it is not accompanied by a private accompanying person aged at least 15let.


Exception. A child aged up to 3-5-x years old accompanied by a person aged up to 12 15 years provided application maintenance procedures unaccompanied minor.

Age from 5 12 years before. Support in the person of the company may at the request of a parent or guardian.




  • -not more than one infant per accompanying
  • -dopuskaetsya several children per attendant.


 Responsibilities of parents or guardian.


Parents or guardian must:


  • -prosit allocation and accompanying book a flight
  • -podgotovit all the necessary documents
  • -dogovoritsya an authorized adult on how to help in the administration of the juvenile with the registration and customs formalities at the airport and stayed up until the plane rises into the air.
  • -dogovoritsya an authorized adult, so he was on arrival at the airport at the time of the actual arrival of the flight.
  • -podpisat form Maintenance Guidelines
  • -Payment all costs associated with the return transportation (meals, accommodation, ground transportation, the cost of a return ticket, etc.) in the event that an authorized adult does not meet the unaccompanied minor at the arrival of the flight.


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Duties accompanying.


A minor comes under the full responsibility attendant upon its transfer from hand to hand a parent, guardian or authorized escort at departure and until such time as the transfer from hand to hand back to the parents, guardian or authorized escort on arrival.


The transfer of a minor.

The transfer of a minor by a parent or guardian representative and vice versa takes place directly or through any person accompanying ground personnel.




A minor is a regular passenger ticket and universal payment order covering the fee for maintenance.

A representative of the company has a service ticket, or flying, or as an additional member of the crew free.


For minors should complete the procedure unaccompanied minor service, including the use of instruments unaccompanied minor.


Young passengers.


Young passengers are between 12 and 15 years old and also between 12 and 18 years old.

Airlines - OG members do not carry young passengers in a special category.

Service for young passengers. This category of passengers is served as minors at the special request of a parent or a designated guardian, or as regular adult passengers. Young passengers cannot use the meet and greet service



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