«Malaysia Airlines» Restart. High hopes and huge risks.
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«Malaysia Airlines» Restart. High hopes and huge risks.

«Malaysia Airlines» Restart. High hopes and huge risks.


Airline "Malaysia Airlines"Intends to remove from flying two aircraft Airbus A380, currently working on a daily route between Kuala Lumpur and Paris. The flights of passenger airliners will be terminated in early June because of the upcoming restructuring of the air carrier and the optimization of its activities. As it became known, the aircraft Airbus A380 the airline will not be sold, but they will be offered for rent to other carriers.



The main reason for not using passenger aircraft Airbus A380 is a need to restore the normal activity of the air carrier, which last year lost its two large passenger airliner Boeing 777, With more than half a thousand passengers on board. Experts have doubted whether it would be effective enough, but given the fact that the carrier is in its development a few set back in favor neprotyazhonnyh air travel, this may increase its rating in this class of passenger.

To date, the airline's fleet «Malaysia Airlines» has six airliners Airbus A380, but in fact involved only four of them - two of them make flights on the previously mentioned route Kuala Lumpur - Paris, and the other two are flying from Kuala Lumpur to London . Previously used all six passenger airliners, but recently two trips to Turkey have been canceled, and therefore the planes just idle.



In connection with the events unfolded around the airline «Malaysia Airlines» remains unknown, there goes the restructuring of the company it is good, or it may further tighten the carrier's problem. Here we have to consider two situations:

  • Successful restructuring activities will allow the air carrier to return to their previous activities in the course of 1.5 - 2 years, thereby restoring its high status, including in the field of assets;
  • Restructuring can lead to problems related to the gradual degradation of the airlines as such until its bankruptcy.


Of course, the first option is much more acceptable, but it is important to take into account the fact that at its core the other air carriers operating in the region, want to come to the place of «Malaysia Airlines», as she tries to re-enter the previously made abroad, with competition It may be so large that the further development of the air carrier may be in jeopardy. On the other hand, if appropriate reforms of the airline did not produce, then it again, can knock over strong competitors, leading its activities in this region.

However, the leadership of the Malaysian carrier has decided to take the risk, the more that experience in the successful development of the company is already available, and the first fruits of the optimization activities can be seen in the coming months.


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