Songs about aviation. History
Songs about aviation. History

Songs about aviation. History

Songs about aviation appeared just a few years after the man was able to climb into the air for the first time. This mainly affected military aviation, when, according to numerous historians, military pilots tried to cheer themselves up and therefore used various songs for this, including in their own performance. At first glance, this may seem very strange, especially considering the current state of aviation, but for those times when the aircraft were not so reliable, and the wind whipped the pilots into the face from the absence of protective glass, it was very effective.

Quite remarkable is the fact that almost every country has its own war songs about aviation, but they are all based primarily on Encouraged, to demonstrate the special status of the pilot and his plane.

Today there are a variety of songs about aviation, including, it also applies to Russia.

The most famous song about aviation is called "First of all planes," which was first performed in the movie "Heavenly slug" in 1945 year, though, it is argued that in reality the song appeared much earlier. The second most popular in the Russian song about aviation is "Aviamarsh" or referred to by other airmen march, which first sounded the first time in 1923 year, though it was written more in the three years before that. During the Soviet era, "Aviamarsh" was the official anthem of the Air Forces of the USSR.

Another very famous song about the aircraft, which appeared during the Soviet era was the song "Phantom", played by the band "Siskin." The song is dedicated to the topic of the Vietnam War, and highly colorful shows actions of the military pilots participated in it.

In addition, songs about aviation appeared and continue to appear in other countries - virtually every country somehow implicated in the aviation sector have their own songs about aviation, but most likely, the greatest leadership in this regard, there is the United States and Germany. According to rough statistics, in the US there are about 70 songs dedicated to aviation, and in Germany about 50.

Currently, songs about aviation in Russia is practically not there, but in spite of this, people often refer specifically to domestic songs about aviation, despite the fact that they have more than 90-year history.