Pilatus PC-7. Specifications. A photo.
Pilatus PC-7. Specifications. A photo.

Pilatus PC-7. Specifications. A photo.


Pilatus PC-7 - easy Swiss turboprop aircraft, designed in 1966, the aircraft manufacturer «Pilatus Aircraft Ltd.».


Pilatus PC-7 photo


Swiss aircraft manufacturers started to design a multi-purpose aircraft in the first half 60-ies of the last century. Aircraft manufacturers have tried to create a simple in its operational plan of the aircraft, the ability to find application in the civil aviation and military aviation, and, we are talking about a multi-purpose of the aircraft.

Despite the rather large dimensions of the aircraft, Pilatus PC-7 aircraft has excellent aerodynamics, which provides the aircraft with a high indicator of such a property as maneuverability. It is due to the high maneuverability of this aircraft that the Pilatus PC-7 can be used as a sports aircraft, including those used for aerobatic stunts, which is of no small importance, and is one of the factors why this model has gained wide popularity among potential Owners and existing operators.

In addition to the civilian sphere of aviation, the Pilatus PC-7 model aircraft was actively used and is being used, including now as a military training aircraft, moreover, we are talking about both training ordinary military pilots and pilots of combat aircraft. This factor is mainly facilitated by the presence of a paired control system in the aircraft, and it is for this reason that the demand for this model in the aircraft continues to be quite high to this day, and therefore the production of the model also continues.

Multiple aircraft Pilatus PC-7 model made its first flight in April 1966 years, with all the tests of the new aircraft have been very successful, and therefore in the second half of the same year the aircraft was sent to mass production, which continues to be and to the present day.


Photo Pilatus PC-7


On board his aircraft Pilatus PC-7 can carry out transportation of two people - a pilot and one passenger, however, for the transport of cargo in the cabin of the aircraft, this aircraft is not appropriate, mainly due to the design features of the aircraft.

The Pilatus PC-7 multipurpose aircraft is equipped with a turboprop power plant consisting of a single Pratt & Whitney Canada PT6A-25A piston aircraft engine, which, with a thrust of 650 hp, is capable of accelerating the aircraft to a cruising speed of 380 km / h. ., with a maximum following distance of 2260 kilometers.


Specifications Pilatus PC-7.


  • Crew: 1 people;
  • Passenger: 1 people;
  • aircraft Length: 9,78 m .;
  • Wingspan: 10,4 m .;
  • Plane Height: 3,21 m .;
  • Weight of empty aircraft: 1330 kg .;
  • Payload: 1370 kg .;
  • Maximum takeoff weight: 2700 kg .;
  • Cruising speed: 380 km \ h .;
  • Maximum flight speed: 420 km \ h .;
  • Maximum flight distance: 2260 km .;
  • Maximum flight height: 10000 m .;
  • aircraft engine Type: Turboprop;
  • Powerplant: Pratt & Whitney Canada PT6A-25A;
  • Power: 650 hp



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