Commercial Pilot
Commercial Pilot

Commercial Pilot

As noted above, the holder of any license pilot of a small aircraft can continue training and improve their skills. Private licenses for fans do not give the right to commercial air travel: for this you need to pass specialized courses.

Naturally, the requirements for the preparation of commercial aviation pilots are higher than for amateur pilots. Training program for the course Commercial Pilot It includes a couple of months of the theory, training on simulators and, of course, flight training. Also, be sure to add training in physics, mathematics and English. To receive a diploma, and to carry out commercial transportation, it is necessary to fly off at least 200 teaching hours.

But the certificate of commercial aviation pilot opens up the way for a more serious career and work as a pilot. This is one of the highest paid professions in the world, and you can start climbing in a regular private school. By analogy with foreign countries, now not only state institutions are involved in this.

Commercial Pilot

In order to fly commercial flights can be trained in stages (the so-called modular program). There are several classes of certificates, depending on the experience and the degree of the pilot.

However, discipline in private flight schools sometimes lame: in pursuit of profit, the organizers have created them is not very good reputation. Not long ago, Federal Air Transport Agency, in general, opposed private courses for commercial aviation. According to authorities, only specialized state institutions should prepare civil aviation pilots, otherwise the situation is fraught with "lawlessness in the sky."

The position of Rosaviation is associated with the crash of the Boeing 747 of Tatarstan Airlines. During the investigation, it was established that one of the pilots received his certificate at a private school. Officials believe this could have fatal consequences.

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