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World Aerobatic group

World Aerobatic group


 No self-respecting country that has its own air force, will not ignore such an issue as the creation of a pilot team. Aviation exhibitions, national holidays, demonstration flights at these events are performed by the best pilots of the country, aces and professionals in their field.

Now there are more than 55 aircraft aerobatic teams in the world.

Even the smallest country, dwarfed States considered prestigious to have their aerobatic team. Better yet, your air show, on which stands a band.

aerobatic team

At Singapore Airshow 2014 are national aerobatic team Black Knights. The group is equipped with American multirole fighter F-16 Fighting Falcon. Despite the name, the aircraft carried the red and white national colors of Singapore and five white stars on the flag.

Of course the country that have their own aviation industry, have aerobatic team flying in their airplanes. In countries that do not produce their own aircraft, a fairly wide range of aircraft to suit every taste and color. Someone prefers to shine on the new aircraft, and someone prefers not new, but proven, reliable technology.

For example, China's aerobatic team «1 of August" pilots on planes of its own production Chengdu J-10. In 2013, the group performed at the Moscow Region MAKS 2013. Why August 1? On this day, the Air Force of the National Liberation Army of China was established.

Chengdu J-10 China

Chengdu J-10

The variety of aircraft brands, the variety of colors, the variety of names of the world's aerobatic teams is simply amazing. Everyone is familiar with Russian aerobatic teams. American, British, Italian, French aerobatic pilots are no less famous. They often visited Russia.

But there is a group, the performance of which we can, perhaps, be seen only on video on the web.

Young, but already well-known in the Asian region group "Blue Phoenix". They represent the Royal Thai Air Force. The squadron is flying on airplanes Pilatus PC-9. Founded in the year of the centenary of creating the Air Force - in 2012g.

Blue Phoenix

Blue Phoenix

"Black Eagles" - South Korean Air Force Aerobatic Team. The group consists of 8 reactive T-50 Golden Eagle. Group flies to 1953 years.

Black Eagles

Black Eagles

RAF Brunei also shine in the sky on three aircraft Pilatus PC-7. The name of the group is not very clear, but very loud - Alap-Alap Training.

Alap-Alap Formation

"Roulette" - Aviation aerobatic team of the Royal Australian Air Force, formed in 1970. In 1989. the group mastered 6 PC-9s, which they use to this day.


At the same planes fly and Croatian pilots in the group "Wings of Storm ". The group was founded in the year 2003 and is based in Zadar.

Wings of Storm

"Silver Falcons"(Silver Falcons) - aerobatic team of the South African Air Force. The group was created already in 1946 and was called "Clumsy Bees". But, apparently, this name was not suitable for demonstrative aerobatics on T-6 Texan aircraft. And having transplanted pilots to Italian MB-326, the group was renamed into "Silver Falcons".

Silver Falcons

UAE also have their aces. Fly them to the MB-339, and call themselves just - "Knights "

MB-339 Knights

About aerobatic team can be a long time to write, but it is much better to just choose a holiday, or the air show, and just enjoy the real art of aerobatics. See the real heaven of artists, no matter on what planes and what colors they are.

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