Pilots (1988).
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Pilots (1988).

Pilots (1988).


  • Country Soviet Union, Czech Republic.
  • Director Igor Bityukov, Otakar Fuka.
  • Starring: Petr Stepanek, Karel Greif Peter Rufus, Michal Guchik, Ilona Svobodová, Boris Scherbakov, Sergey Zhigunov, Darya Mikhailova


The film tells the story of the formation in 1944, the first Czechoslovak Air Division, based in the territory of the Soviet Union.



After the occupation of Czechoslovakia by Nazi Germany in the year 1939, many patriots left their homeland to other countries to unite and fight against fascism. Czechoslovak pilots were among these heroes. The brave commander of Yang Treybl, having to make war on the Allied side, successfully destroys enemy aircraft "wing to wing" with his faithful companions: cheerful lieutenant Gabriel Martin, the brave lieutenant Alexander Lezhnyov and sincere romantic Tomasz Yandakom.



Between the Soviet and Czechoslovak pilots there is a real man's disinterested friendship. Young pilots, represented by Lieutenant Thomas Yandaka and Matyukhina second lieutenant, for the first time have to face not only the horrors of war, but also to feel what true love ..

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