s-300 air defense
American fighter pilots complained about Russian air defense systems

 Pilots of American fighters performing the tasks of patrolling the airspace near the borders of Russia expressed dissatisfaction with the work of Russian anti-aircraft missile systems. They stated that the equipment installed on their fighters is not always able to recognize nearby objects.

According to the pilots, they met the S-300 (designation SA-20 in NATO countries) and understood that this particular complex was located nearby, but the equipment of their fighters could not identify it. The US Air Force pilot Craig Andrle expressed outrage at this fact.

What happened indicates that modern anti-aircraft technologies used by the US Armed Forces may have some disadvantages when confronted with modern Russian anti-aircraft systems. Deficiencies in the technical component can lead to unpredictable consequences, so it is important to improve air defense systems and improve the operation of equipment on board military aircraft in order to effectively perform tasks and ensure flight safety.

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