Pilots residents
Pilots residents

Pilots residents and the quality of education in the west.



You said that as soon as the right to work will provide residents with the pilots, the competition will be a completely different level. Do you think it is real lobby? How fast pilots residents other countries will be able to work in our airline pilots?


- Non-residents will definitely work for us. We can get a general collapse in the next year, because the purchase of equipment is not only the "Aeroflot". Other airlines Russia also do it, so it increases the volume of passenger traffic. And if we do not solve this problem at the state level, we face serious challenges. It is necessary to improve the education system, increase the intake of students and to promote the industry as a whole. We do not want the deficit.


This is difficult to achieve?


- You know, as long as these issues are discussed. Now his word should be said, the State Duma and the government. In general, there is no other solution to the problem. Deficiency affects all. All 14 1,5 accidents in recent years have been linked to the human factor. How you can deal with it? Let's look for a surplus of pilots. And while there will be a shortage, these are human factors.


Tell me the difference between education in modern flying schools on education, which is given abroad and on education, which is given in Soviet flying schools? Today, we often hear that the Soviet pilot training flight schools was much better.


- Soviet aviation school taught to fly on modern domestic cars. And there were in abundance. Now we receive super-modern technology. Therefore, all of our schools and institutions need to train pilots on the basis of a market that dictates very different conditions. Pilots have been preparing for the new machines. They can not live the old baggage. Pilots of "Aeroflot" to complete their education, but why take courses that they are not objectively necessary.


What is the peculiarity of US education. Pilots study there for only 3 years. They get all the basics of airplane control. They also undergo many stress tests. And a person can already work on small planes. He can stay on these planes forever. And perhaps in 1500 hours, he will want to move to large civil aviation.


Western education is objectively better?


- It is better to how to solve the problem of scarcity. They do not say that higher education - it is a dogma, which must be.


- And the quality?


- The quality of the pilots of "Aeroflot" definitely not inferior to Western. Our pilots happy to take work in the Western airlines. Why Western pilot is more adequate to the employer? Because all Western employees know that the employer gave them a place to work. And when there is a surplus, he realizes that it can always be replaced. Therefore, it behaves adequately. He maintains discipline, knowing that in the back of his breathing competitor.


That is a modern school fully corresponds to the present time? I talk about the fact that the Soviet school of pilots was better unfounded?


- Pilots, like airplanes. Tu-154 good plane? At one time it was innovative. Also pilots. What controlled our pilot. He ruled the plane with the aid of the wheel. In fact, this is not an easy task. Therefore, the vacation was 70 days. Today, the pilot controls the computer, and the computer controls the airplane. Before you fly somewhere, the pilot "stuffs" the onboard airliner system. And today he is not ruled by a heavy helm that needs to be physically pulled. He sits in a comfortable cabin and in the case of Airbus manages the joystick. Boeing uses an electronic wheel simulator. It's absolutely an easy thing. The same joystick, only customary for pilots the kind of steering wheel.


Today is a completely different situation. What does the pilot do during the flight? He constantly monitors radio communications and monitors the situation. Because if something happens, he must act as a pilot himself and make certain decisions. That is why there are two of them in the cabin. 

General Director of JSC "Aeroflot - Russian Airlines" Vitaly Saveliev.