Peter Carmichael. Biography. Fighting. Ranks. A photo.
Peter Carmichael. Biography. Fighting. Ranks. A photo.

Peter Carmichael. Biography. Fighting. Ranks. A photo.



12.01.1942 18 of Peter in the age entered to serve in naval aviation Britain, intending to become a military pilot. He achieved this goal and managed to war in the Far East, but any military success is not achieved.

8.09.1950, in his career was one event, thanks to which his name went down in history of the Korean War.

Peter Carmichael. Biography. Fighting. Ranks. Photo. 1


Carmichael came into the 802 Squadron, which was stationed on board aircraft carrier "Venzhenc". After a short time he was sent to Korea. In April 1952 of Peter started to fly with aircraft carrier "Ocean" in Korean waters. From April to August Carmichael performed 93 departure.

9.08.1952 of (his birthday), Peter is remembered for a long time. On this day in a group of 4-x "Sea Fury" he took off from the aircraft carrier deck to the next task, which included the bombing of one of the bridges. Carmichael's plane was the head of the group. After dropping bombs they continued their flight to the port Chinnampo suddenly on the radio sounded the warning cry of Carmichael: "Instants Instants are coming!". They were still far away, and if you have time to enter the plane into a dive, it was possible to dodge a dangerous enemy.

Peter Carmichael. Biography. Fighting. Ranks. Photo. 2


MiG 15 often do not have time to attack and inertia flew past maneuverable "Sea Fury". Otherwise, the MiG "get" "Sea Fury" by shooting him as an easy target. Pilots "Sea Fury" know battle tactics with MiGs and using this maneuver is often time to avoid big losses.

After the maneuver the plane Peter was caught between 2-I MiGs. At a time when the distance between Kramayklom and one of the MIGs decreased to 300 yards (270 meters), Peter fired a volley. MiG soon disappeared from view, leaving the ground. His behavior was unusual and strange, so Kramaykl dovernul plane to see what happened to the enemy.

Moments later he saw a flash on the ground. The remaining MiGs far ahead. Someone shouted over the radio: "Who flunked?" To ensure Carmichael asked the pilot group to get in touch. The answer he received from all almost immediately. Then Peter sighed with relief - all intact. He then ordered to fly to an aircraft carrier.

Peter Carmichael. Biography. Fighting. Ranks. Photo. 3


As it turned out, the rest of 3 "Sea Fury" waged battle with 2-I migration 15. All aircraft were damaged. MiGs went without problems, and a "Sea Fury" fell into the sea, short of the base. When the British got on deck, it was already known about what happened and about the victory of Peter.

It was the debut of the English victory over propeller aircraft MiG jet in that war. Who piloted the MiG, the Soviet or Chinese volunteer pilot - is not known. Most of these cases occurred. "Sea Fury" inferior fighter jets were easy prey for the latter.

Returning to the UK, Peter retrained and flew Sea Hawks, then switched to Hawker Hunter and Meteor. Carmichael made his last flight in 1961. In November 1976 he left the service.


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