Plasma aircraft engine. Innovative developments of Japanese scientists.
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Plasma aircraft engine. Innovative developments of Japanese scientists.

Plasma aircraft engine. Innovative developments of Japanese scientists.


A group of Japanese scientists and engineers doing research on the possibilities of using plasma engines in aviation. The idea of ​​this project was born a long time ago, but due to the fact that it was not possible to control the speed and direction of the plasma jet, the study was delayed by almost 15 years.



Just a few days ago, Japanese scientists headed by Professor Kazunori Takahashi presented the first studies for the project, proving that in the next 15-20 years, plasma engines for aircraft may become a reality, and this in turn will make the move in the air very fast that can revive the era of supersonic air travel.

By itself, a prototype plasma future aircraft engine with the possibility of controlling the jet is a helicon source of magnetic field. By changing the direction of the magnetic field can achieve ejection and direction of the jet and increasing the strength of the magnetic field can achieve a smooth increase power of the plasma jet.



Of course, to say now that the engine of the future is ready yet very early, because in the beginning it is necessary to conduct a series of tests using a typical aviation fuel, check all the quality of the plasma jet, spend more than one hundred tests, but on their own research truly unique, and will certainly be reflected in the future of the entire aircraft.



The principle of operation of the plasma engine represented by Japanese scientists based on the fact that the magnetic field affects the ion plasma jet, pulling them by slowing down or speeding up. If you have previously control the plasma jet was not possible, it is now in this area have done a huge step that has already caused great interest in a number of aircraft manufacturers.

Currently, the use of plasma engines is not safe, and in addition, their operation requires special types of energy, on which scientists from the Japanese University of Tohoku are working on. It is possible that plasma engines can also run on solar energy, which will make flights environmentally friendly, and most likely cheaper than at the moment.


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If magnetic lines of force enter the palm and four fingers are extended in the direction of current flow in the conductor, the bent left thumb of the left hand will show the direction of the conductor's current flow. Does not it look like anything? The rule of the left hand. Now if a conductor with current is replaced by an ionized gas conducting electric current, and a magnet is installed from above and below, then here is a jet air jet.