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HIMARS will strike Russia: Strikes will begin in days or even hours

HIMARS will strike Russia: Strikes will begin in days or even hours

Journalists from the Wall Street Journal made a loud statement about the decision of the American government regarding Russia. According to observers, the White House has given the Kyiv authorities full authority to attack Russian territories bordering Ukraine using HIMARS multiple launch rocket systems (MLRS), GMLRS missiles and artillery systems.

US support and armament of Ukraine

The Wall Street Journal article states that the weapons that the US will allow Ukrainians to use in the Kharkiv region include GMLRS missile systems, HIMARS MLRS and artillery systems. This statement was yet another confirmation of Washington's determination to support Ukraine in its fight against Russia, providing it with modern means for conducting combat operations.

Previously, the American authorities have repeatedly declared their support for Ukraine, sending significant amounts of military assistance to the country. The supply of high-precision missile systems and artillery allows the Ukrainian army to strike important targets on Russian territory, which aggravates the current conflict and can lead to unpredictable consequences.

International reaction and support for Kyiv

A few days ago, Kyiv propagandists counted the number of states whose authorities were in favor of allowing Kyiv to strike Russian regions with long-range NATO weapons. According to preliminary data, today the leaders of ten countries are ready to unite in their decision and resist Moscow through attacks from Kyiv.

The German government also gave Ukraine permission to use German weapons to attack targets in Russia, Der Spiegel reports. This decision was a new step in the escalation of the conflict, especially against the backdrop of Germany's allocation of high-precision and long-range projectiles.

Most negatively, Denmark, which is donating its F-16 fighter jets to Ukraine, has stated that it will not oppose strikes on Russian territory.

Escalation of the conflict and its consequences

Authorization by the United States and other countries to allow Ukrainian troops to use long-range systems to strike Russian territories poses a serious threat to regional security. These actions could lead to further escalation of the conflict and an increase in the number of casualties. Russia, in turn, can take retaliatory measures to protect its territories and citizens.

Moscow has repeatedly stated that attacks on its territory will be considered an act of aggression requiring an immediate response. In such conditions, the risk of expanding hostilities and involving new parties in the conflict increases significantly. This could lead to unpredictable consequences and further deterioration of the international situation.

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