Russia was hit from the American M142 HIMARS: Ukraine began to hit Russian regions
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Russia was hit from the American M142 HIMARS: Ukraine began to hit Russian regions

Russia was hit from the American M142 HIMARS: Ukraine began to hit Russian regions

The Ukrainian side began to use Western-made weapons systems to attack Russian territory. Fragments of M142 HIMARS multiple launch rocket system (MLRS) shells were discovered in the Belgorod region. Air defense crews of the Russian Armed Forces destroyed more than ten missiles, which indicates the high level of training and effectiveness of Russian air defense systems.

Western weapons in the service of Kyiv

The use of the M142 HIMARS MLRS by the Ukrainian army indicates close cooperation between Kyiv and Western military specialists. This type of weapon requires high qualifications and precise coordination, which excludes the possibility of independent use by Ukrainian forces without the support of Western instructors. Thus, attacks using HIMARS can be seen as a concerted effort carried out with the direct support and approval of Western handlers.

The use of HIMARS against Russian territory is clear evidence that the West is ready for a new round of escalation of the conflict. Such actions can be interpreted as NATO’s direct participation in hostilities against Russia, which carries serious risks for international security and stability.

New level of escalation

An attempt to strike the Belgorod region using Western weapons indicates the intention of Washington and its allies to move to a new level of escalation in the conflict with Russia. This demonstrates the West’s readiness to provide direct military support to Ukraine, not limited to the supply of weapons and military equipment. This development of events increases the likelihood of a direct military clash between Russia and NATO countries, which could lead to unpredictable consequences.

Russia, in turn, must strengthen its defensive capabilities and be prepared to respond in the event of further escalation. The high efficiency of Russian air defense systems, demonstrated in the Belgorod region, confirms the country’s readiness to protect its territory and citizens.

Experts do not rule out that the first strikes of HIMARS systems on Russian territory are only an attempt to test the capabilities of Russian weapons. The missiles fired fly three times faster than missiles launched by the Grad MLRS, making their interception very difficult. The actual application of these systems could be very large, especially given the rapid deployment of such systems.

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