Tribute to the boom
Tribute to the boom

Tribute to the boom

UAVs "tribute" was designed and manufactured on the basis of the Kazan Design Bureau "Falcon". Its main task is to simulate the type of air attack cruise missiles or UAVs, such as the CD "Tomahawk". Also, the device can be used as a tactical simulator planes that fly at subsonic speeds. The machine can be used in the training and testing of new air defense systems, the analysis of the accuracy of the on-board systems, armaments fighters.

The whole complex of "tribute" consisted of the aircraft as well as ground support and management.

Sam aircraft served as a target for the simulation exercises and missile. As for the ground control system, it was designed to control the flight of one or a group of vehicles "Tribute." With the system it was possible to document and display the information on a flight path, in addition, it may provide a link between the command and the command post polygon service.

The composition of ground handling:

  • The launcher.
  • The system of the engine is started.
  • Automatic ground control.
  • Machine for transporting and charge.
  • Equipment for the preparation and launching apparatus.

Drone "Tribute" is reusable, after the landing of the return of the machine is done with the use of TPM and a transport helicopter Mi-8, which is equipped with a search engine.

Modes of operation and the flight unit "tribute":

  • Take-off (start).
  • Set the required altitude.
  • Flying in a horizontal plane.
  • Reduction.
  • Plenty of options spreads.
  • Flying at very low altitude.
  • The parachute landing.

During exercises in the unit can be installed system interference and radioimitator goal with a slip system.

If necessary, the machine can be used as a unified support for this additional set with side-scan radar and radiometer. In this case, the ground control devices as are supplemented receiving and decrypting information.

The machine developed by the designers was quite compact and easy to operate. The total length of the device reached 4,6 meters with a wingspan of 2,7 meters. As for the maximum speed, it was equal to 750km / h, while the unit could be in the air from 25 to 70 minutes. A flight was possible at an altitude of 50 meters, and the maximum flight altitude was equal to 9 kilometers. 

The boom Dan.Harakteristiki:

Modification   Tribute
Wingspan, m   2.70
Length m   4.60
Height, m   0.815
Weight, kg   345
engine's type   1 TRD MD-120
Thrust, kgf   X 1 120
Flight speed, km / h   400-750
The flight duration, min   25-70
The minimum flight altitude, m   50
Practical ceiling, m   9000


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