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"Victory" with tears in his eyes, or why not loukostery Russian budget

"Victory" with tears in his eyes, or why not loukostery Russian budget


On the Russian air transportation market has been operating for the fourth "first national low-cost carriers." How do loukostery in the world? And why this model can not take root in our country?

European Model low-cost

How are low-cost airlines in the same Europe? There are several major differences from the model, which is trying to instill in Russia.


"The tariff system of airlines"Victory"Similar to the low-cost airlines in Europe and It suggests a very cheap basic ticket price, followed by the addition of various paid services "

(Airline traffic rules "Victory")

These rules have a few keywords: "Similar to the low-cost airlines in Europe". It is similar but not the same. Model low-cost transportation means more required conditions, namely:

* The first is the low costs of operation of the vessel and the maintenance personnel. Savings on everything except security.

* Cheap possession of the aircraft. Two of the most successful companies in Europe budget Ryanair и EasyJet acquired aircraft to its fleet the ones that were not popular and were not suitable for such traffic. The first company acquired new Boeing 737-800 (now they 320, they are the backbone of the fleet). And EasyJet acquired unpopular at the time of purchase, Airbus 319-100 (138 boards) and A 320-200 (59 boards). Through years of operation 8 planes sold almost for the cost of buying new boards.

* Operating expenses of these companies are close to zero. The Russian airline operating costs about 12-22% of the total expenditure. Important note: In the EU, the aeronautical authorities may transfer certain types of current MOT, at a later time, a major maintenance, such as heavy maintenance work. This applies to companies whose fleet consists of a hundred or more aircraft. For B 737, the first major repair after relies 8 years of operation. That is a major and deferred TO THAT already produces the new owner of the vessel.

Maintenance of old aircraft of Russian airlines costs 12-14% of total expenditure.

* Flights on unpopular routes, flights to smaller airports and flights to holiday destinations, often receive grants from local authorities. Loukosterov often receive discounts at small airports unpopular.

* European low-cost airlines do not enter into direct competition with the major national and traditional carriers. Although now there are low cost carriers on long-haul routes, mainly they work in small lines in the transportation of tourists and migrant workers. Of course, the big carriers also carry tourists and migrants, but that's a whole other level.

Once again stepping on rakes

Sky Express, «Avianova", "Dobrolet", and now "Victory", all our airlines duplicate routes of large companies. Do not create new passenger flows, and the major carriers duplicating routes and even their flagships. They do not buy a large batch of new domestic aircraft operations have at times less, and exploit the old board "elder brother".

In Russia and the CIS there is a flow of labor migration, as if it does not turn a blind eye power he has. Why, the domestic low-cost airlines do not take this niche?

Why are the cities in the regions better connected by routes with foreign resorts, and not with ours, for example, North Caucasian or Black Sea ones?

Russian loukostery is airline's low prices and poor quality rather than low costs. It is subsidized by the state or a shareholder, and as a consequence of dumping the prices of the low quality of services.

"We only give the opportunity to fly over everything else you pay yourself"

This motto is the low-costers of the whole world. If you are ready to take things a little less than you would like, if you are ready to inconvenience, and take with you just water and biscuits, and not wait for boarding, then you can really save on tickets. And just like when signing an agreement with the bank, read carefully all the rules and conditions on the airline's website. Moreover, it is cheaper to book tickets in advance, well, very much in advance. So, you have the opportunity not only to read everything carefully, but even to learn the charter of the airline, and to avoid the so-called hidden payments and scandals at the counter at the airport.

Especially for Valery Smirnov

What kind of moron wrote? He once flew all? What the fuck - vodichku to take into the cabin?


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