Why are people afraid to fly? History of Man.

Why do people afraid to fly?


About 20% of people experience anxiety before the flight. Some are afraid of plane crashes, accidents, others - height.

If we compare the human reactions with symptoms aerophobia, many of them will be familiar to us already.

We all listen to the take-off the aircraft engine, scares us the height and confined space. Turbulence causes panic. Some passengers before takeoff taking sedatives or alcohol.

In fact, the height is a danger to everyone. If the air there will be something wrong, then passengers will have no chance to rectify the situation. Fear in this case acts as a defense, telling about possible dangers.

Psychologists say that those people who are afraid to fly, is inherent in the increased level of anxiety. Their condition may deteriorate due to any situation occurring in their lives.

Just Flight is very afraid of businessmen. One would think, why? After all, they are confident in their actions, actions. For the life of reckless and do not belong to the "timid". It turns out that the negative reaction caused by the fact that they are not sure of the competence of pilots and say they are ready to have yourself to fly a plane.

Women fear of flying appears less frequently. This is due to the ability to trust the strong men, especially men in uniform.

Fear - it is quite a normal reaction of the human body with which you want to reconcile.

aerophobia in children


At present, almost every child is afraid of flying.

The first step is to consult with a psychologist, since in some cases it is a symptom of a mental disorder. Some children fear arises from the personal features (anxiety, embarrassment).

Before boarding the plane in the child, it is necessary to restrict it from watching TV for a few days. Talk to him about his fears, what exactly he is afraid.

Some experts believe that a child can be given a sedative herbal.

Why are people afraid to fly? History of Man.


The guy could not fly home 18 months because of the fear of flying.


18 months British student could not get home because of fear of flying.

Joe Thompson's family when the boy turned 12, was going to go back to England, after his father's employment contract. But it turned out that the guy fear of any kind of travel.

Why are people afraid to fly? History of Man.

Father all this time was with my son. Every time they were going to fly, Joe began hysteria rather even phobia. For a long time he tried to understand themselves, to solve the problem, but it did not work and they had to take the help of a professional.

Why are people afraid to fly? History of Man.

Only after deep hypnosis Joe and his father returned home. The guy spent the entire flight in a hypnotic trance.

Father spent on it 40 000 pounds, but the idea proved to be successful.

Why are people afraid to fly? History of Man.


How to stop afraid to fly?


Besides hypnosis, there are other ways to get rid of your phobia.

Never suppress your own. Learn about the things you fear causes. Think about the good that ships successfully land, there is no reason to worry. Switch mind watch a movie, listen to music, read a book, see the log.

Fly and afraid of heights!

What heresy is written everywhere about the notorious "aerophobia". Yes, a minimum of people suffers precisely from a phobia, fear of a confined space, and so on. The rest simply do not want to take the risk, being aware of how the flight may end. And nichrome there is no cure for this, because treating common sense is idiocy. Distraction, lulling natural fear - that's what "doctors" do. And yes, it's cool, it helps those who just can't stop flying.

I do not know how anyone but a child, I was not afraid to fly on airplanes or droplets. Svozrastom But the situation has changed. Maybe before I was not aware of any danger? I do not know, but I'm afraid to fly.

I am also afraid of flying
But as soon as the plane takes off, there is a feeling that I was on the bus going
And the fear passes


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