Why fall planes. Analysis of recent air crashes
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Why fall planes. Analysis of recent air crashes

Why fall planes. Analysis of recent air crashes


Almost every two months on the planet crash-passenger airliners, resulting in loss of life, hundreds of passengers who trusted airlines and just wanted to fly from one corner of the globe to another. Of course, from the point of view of statistics major plane crashes are extremely rare, because every day around the world are committed thousands of flights, but despite this, it is necessary to minimize the risk to the passengers, and to do this it is important to take into account the different circumstances that periodically remind yourself ...


Plane crash «Germanwings». 150 innocent victims.


It is impossible not to pay attention to the last major occurred plane crash that has cost the life of 150 people. As stated by the experts, the main cause of the crash has served as the human factor, in particular, is meant manslaughter passengers and crew. According to experts, began to blame for the second pilot, who according to some locked himself in the cockpit, disabled the automatic piloting and purposefully expected the crash.



The pilots have already hastened to accuse of insanity, the deliberate murder of one and a half hundred people, and in other sins, however, no one paid attention to the fact that the pilot had been treated by a psychiatrist for about one and a half years. It remains unclear for some reason why a person convicted of insanity was allowed to control the aircraft, and in every possible way they are now trying to blame him. In addition, there is no real evidence that the co-pilot locked himself in the cockpit, as there is no evidence that he had turned off the automatic piloting system.

Previously also appeared information that the plane was in poor condition, but the leadership of the air carrier strongly denies this, citing the fact that they are very competent to apply to this issue. However, it is necessary to take into account the fact that immediately after the crash a few crews "Germanwings"Refused to operate flights on all the same reasons, with guide carrier did not prevent them, apparently for fear of publicity.



Be that as it may, an official conclusion will be given by experts in the near future, but it is unlikely that the final report will take into account the actions of the air carrier in the tragedy. All the incompleteness and recklessness demonstrated by the German airline are unlikely to be able to restore the lives of 150 people lost due to the usual negligence in each case.


Fall of aircraft «TransAsia». Gone 43 life.


Accident involving aircraft airline «TransAsia» It took place in February 4 2015 years when trying to complete a flight from Taipei to Kinmen archipelago. On board the aircraft were 53 passengers and 5 crew members, however, shortly after take-off from the aircraft refused one of the engines, and when you try to deploy the aircraft to return to the airport of your departure, unexpectedly refused and a second motor, depriving most of the people chances of rescue.



Reasons for failure of two engines of the aircraft remain unknown, however, found out that a week before the crash the aircraft undergoing maintenance that may be the key point in all the circumstances. Of course, the reason for all, and can also provide an accident, but given the fact that the real chance to get into the plane crash in anyway to 1 100000, the plane airline «TransAsia» them completely exhausted.



In this case, it is important to pay attention to the fact that, again, it is human intervention that is the predominant factor, and regardless of whether it was done by the pilot or the technicians serving the aircraft. We often blame airplanes for everything, which are designed by the best specialists, but we do not properly operate them, which is unacceptable, and leads to human deaths that can be avoided.

The fatal crash killed a man 43, 13 survived, however, despite the fact that its moment has passed for about 2 months to establish the true reasons and failed.


Plane crash liner «Air Asia». 162 victim of bad weather.


As you know, the end of last year marked another very terrible plane crash. The aircraft airline «Air Asia» with 162 people on board made airfare from Surabaya to Singapore, however, the Javanese flying over the sea, unexpectedly disappeared from the radar of air traffic controllers.



Two days later, the fuselage of the aircraft was found at the bottom of the search group of the Java Sea, and all the people who were on board, appeared dead. It was later revealed that the aircraft commander for a few moments before the disappearance of an air traffic controller notified of the intention to change course and level of storm clouds approaching from the front. For some unknown reason, air traffic controllers refused Flights to climb, and after another four minutes, the plane disappeared from the radar, did not give a signal of distress.

According to some information, the plane could get with the zone of strongest turbulence or even be struck by lightning, as a result of which all its systems were turned off. From that moment, various versions began to appear that the reason could be unskilled crew actions or even a technical aircraft malfunction, however, very little attention was paid to the air traffic controller's refusal to set altitude. It is likely that if the plane had risen above the thunderclouds, the effects of the weather might have been eliminated, and this concerns two causes and a strike of lightning and turbulence.



If we analyze this accident in terms of the special Air Crash Analyzer, You can see that when trying to pass the aircraft through the storm clouds, the probability of an incident was 0.000922%, however, in the case of the climb it could drop to 0.000375%, that in 2.5 half, and quite possibly, it could save lives .

Again, very characteristic in all this are the actions of the human factor, and in the face of an air traffic controller. Of course, one could use prescribed in the Regulations, but that does not mean that he was aware of the situation is much better than the pilot.

From all the above the above it can be concluded that, if it is currently improving the aircraft received much attention, and it is necessary to improve the safety of air travel, and among the people. It is likely, in total it will help, if not completely eliminate the crash, the maximum to minimize them.


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