stewardess on the bed
Why do flight attendants not take off their uniforms in bed?

it's all about the chastity belt.

Yakuts don't even ski in bed

I'm happy for them

How can I remove it if it is tattooed ???

Steward, stewardess (born steward (ess), flight attendant, cabin attendant), or flight attendant, flight attendant - an ordinary rank and file specialist in water and aircraft

Stewardesses do not take off their uniforms not only in bed, but in general. When they get to work, having graduated from training, they glue this form to them with Chinese super glue so that they could not go to competitors.

Well, I think sometimes they undress ... because "sometimes" they get pregnant .., you just didn't see it .. (:

Aw, pretty girls ... what's the difference why ...

Flight attendants for quite some time listed in the category of the most sexually desirable for men women - and therefore do not remove!

My mother-in-law was the husband of an engineer (radio telegraph operator) —radist. Three flight attendants flew in his crew, and without bed he seduced a peasant, divorced him from my mother-in-law, got pregnant, married her, gave birth to a child and is now at home, and my husband is now working as an IT engineer. The conclusion suggests itself to tempt the idle pilots of his crew as their husbands! A question for fools.

provoke men with their clothes (although the paradox ... you can provoke a complete lack of clothing)

for long flights there are capsules for the rest

Well, what nonsense the author writes! After the flight, when you get tired like a bobby, it is no longer up to the game, but it would be faster to go to bed and close your eyes, when everything in your body is buzzing, your ears are ringing. The author, apparently, himself does not know anything about the work of FLIGHT ATTENDANTS (there is no specialty in flight work "stewardess", these, like the author, come up with all sorts of nonsense; stewardesses - this refers to the marine service specialty). I would very much like the author to come up with less nonsense about FLIGHT ATTENDANTS - this is very hard work, it's not for nothing that, having worked 7,5 years - this is earlier, now I don't know, it seems - 10 years, they retire ahead of schedule.

Just because it's scary nice:
Imagine you are lying completely naked, and you are embraced and gently told by a beautiful flight attendant in uniform (or almost) ;-)

How is the "Gallant Soldier Schweik": "I dare to report, I'm a complete idiot?"


And because they love role-playing games

If you take pictures without a form, then no one will understand that this is a stewardess !?

Because ... there are no panties ... close-ups with access (close-up) ... Speed ​​and skill ... Aviation !!!

She worked as a flight attendant 17 years. Why in uniform? Very often striking beauty of the hotel and your room in particular. Most often, these are hotels **** or *****. Secondly, you often get ready for the flight, make up, and the bus has not yet arrived for the crew. So, you have to take pictures in the room. Do not disappear such a beauty :-)

And it is right.

What beauty? The beauty of the hotel or what?)))))))))

And in the shower they are also in the form of washing?

... fear of falling to the ground in "négligé" ... in a dream ...

I think they are just lazy, and they, too, people want to pofotkat in various postures so to speak, but the girls are beautiful

It's not about laziness — the work of the flight attendants is not for the lazy. Just a girl (woman) to lie down on the bed in the normal way — in a nightie you need quite a lot of time — she'll take off her clothes, wash her face (wash herself) and go to bed, and then take a long time to dressed, make up for work, but they simply do not have this time.

Before giving a comment, you need to learn some spelling.

Clever understands and sloppy spelling. We do not write dictations on the assessment, right?

Clever sloppy writing.

Literate and intelligent, not the same thing.

For any "flying" stewardess "Mainndrim" it is - to collapse into the crib and sleep!

And for the "descended_to_land" return to the sky and continue flying!
Girls get used to changing places!
And without form and a suitcase on wheels, they don’t imagine life!

-Run 24 on long-distance trains, -conductors are also in the form of sleep !!! Trains are late, but you have to be in the dress code !!!


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