Why Russia does not have good airports?
Why Russia does not have good airports?

Why Russia does not have good airports?



- Since we are already talking about a factor of the state in aviation, I can not ask a very sensitive issue. In Russia there is a good airport, and everyone knows that. For comparison, we have 300 airports and in the US, 20000. Why such a wild gap? Why Russia does not have good airports ?

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This sensitive issue not only for us but for the entire government. It is necessary to pay attention to the quality of life. There are 4 parameters that must be taken into account.


first - Is education. We need to provide quality education Russian citizen anywhere in Russia, and not only within the Moscow Ring Road. This is not about getting a formal diploma, which does not give any benefit.


Second - It is health care. You have to understand that after driving from Moscow, one must be sure of getting high-quality, efficient medical support. Unfortunately, this is not.


The third - Is security, which includes the police, the courts, and so on. D. This is also the quality of life, because a person can not drive off anywhere. He is afraid.


Fourth - It is mobility. If there is no mobility, we just lose our country. Here in Siberia and the Far East is home to 8,5 million. This is minuscule! Russia has much more area than the

USA. How are we going to move? Many of the issues the government decides. In particular, this grant traffic to the Far East.


Yes, Airports - A sore subject. In the US, a huge number of airports. We have the latest data 332. And from these we have only 332 60 airports can take normal, modern, large aircrafts. In turn, the United States of thousands of airports, 570 can accept large aircraft.

And all the others why? The rest take small aircraft, something which we have practically no. There flying taxis, helicopters. It also needs to develop. And this is possible only with the improvement of infrastructure. We in the Moscow aviation hub with 1976 years did not change the management of air traffic. Among other things, Boeing recently concluded that if you change the air traffic, we can double the capacity of Moscow! But again, these need to be addressed.


And yet another factor. We can not force a person to go somewhere. What does he fly? Where? Therefore, in the absence of the first three factors that we talked about, there will be an incentive to fly somewhere.


- Yes, the average American 5-6 once in your life changes housing. We have virtually no changes in the city in the country due to the fact that they had received a new job. Also, we do not have nearly the internal tourism. It is not developed. Yes, and airports. Look at them. They are terrible. They are also scared to land.


It's true. But I think slowly it will change.


- Explain that while technically. See the return on the airfield of 100 years. It turns out if the airport to repair every 10 years, he never pays off. What are the basic costs for construction and maintenance?


Sheremetyevo Airport


I, frankly, the figure of 100 years did not come across anywhere else. I will try to explain with an example Sheremetyevo. We here have two runways. But they are made so that they can not both take off and sits down. Due to all the tricks we can do 50 runway operations per hour. You can build a third lane.

It will cost about a billion dollars. In this case, Sheremetyevo will be able to do 80 takeoff and landing operations per hour. We have requested Boeing's expertise. They said it was not worth building anything. We need to change air traffic. Experts from Boeing cited several cities in China as examples.

According to their plan can be achieved 80 landing operations per hour, thanks to a change of air traffic. Price question - 50 million. And Boeing is now ready to set about it. Yes, the movement will be tougher. Looking for a good manager with knowledge of English. But we can achieve the desired result, and not to build the strip. This saves nearly a billion dollars. And that's another return.


The prerogative of the state in that it builds runways, navigational equipment and taxiways. Everything else builds business. I wonder how income is distributed western airports. 40% of revenue for the airport make airline and 60% non-core business.

These are restaurants, hotels, etc. At Sheremetyevo, unfortunately, the opposite is true. 60% of the income is from the aviation business, and 40% is the rest. And what, we eat less here, drink less? Of course, everything depends on the standard of living, and this is a problem in our country. If the business understands that it has a passenger, it will build everything itself.


- Sheremetyevo Airport - a fast-paced airport in Moscow. Every year we have more and more passengers. And it happens that the level of economic growth of passengers is higher than the airlines themselves. Therefore, there are reviews that feed into small planes, which are lying everywhere some scraps and dirty napkins. It does not apply to "Aeroflot"But I want to know, how can you explain this?


The fact is that each airline should have its own passenger. Our premium segment. And we will fight for its passengers and provide only the best service. But there are companies whose main passenger - this is economy class. They belong to different passengers.

They have another contingent. If we are, according to the regulations, clean the aircraft after each flight, the other can be cleaned once a day. They simply have no money at all. So you need to look where there is what you said. If the low-budget companies - is tolerated and is not related to security. Another thing, if people pay serious money, and do not get quality service. Well I'm here to say. Fly aircraft "Aeroflot".

General Director of JSC "Aeroflot - Russian Airlines" Saveliev Vitaly Gennadievich.


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