Why did you leave from Aeroflot?
Why did you leave from Aeroflot?

Question: Why did you leave Aeroflot?


Answer: This is probably the most popular question. It is asked very often, by everyone who can. Well, I will say that before, when I flew in Aeroflot, I could not think that I would quit. I really enjoyed my job. I had great relay races, there was always a good touch. There was always a good salary, but then I was retrained for  Boeing 777

Very few groups were retrained, only four planes came, and he only flew practically to one far east, naturally I did not like it. I used to have some kind of variety when I was waiting for an outfit. I thought it was so interesting where I was going to fly, but now it was only Vladivostok, Khabarovsk, Kamchatka, and in the past, Aeroflot paid less for flights within Russia than abroad. I tried to figure it out somehow, I went to the instructor, to planning, and to the head of the department, and to the accounting department.

Wherever I went, I couldn't get the truth. There was only one answer that everyone flies like that, everyone has such a salary, everyone has the same. In fact, when I met my friends, I saw their pay sheets, saw how they fly. My friend, she has never flown a G330 in a month, she flew 777 on business trips, they are better. I flew abroad, and I only flew XNUMX.

Naturally, I didn’t say that her flights were better than mine. Why expose a person like that? They will immediately remove such flights and put them on Russian ones, like me. That is, I did not achieve the truth, I did not achieve anything, in fact, because of this, I left. It was very insulting. I have not had a single delay, all fives, only thanks, not a single complaint. Unfortunately so. 

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