A selection of photos with beautiful stewardesses
A selection of photos with beautiful stewardesses


The stewardesses can only be admired or overnight, nothing more. They are not suitable for wives, and they do not need a wife who is never at home, there can be no talk of children at all

Some are not entirely scary, nothing more. I didn't see a lot of beautiful ones.

I agree. One, and then with a stretch.

What good girls

All with pumped lips are scary, with normal ones.

I am a disabled person of the 2nd group. I bought tickets for a flight from Sochi to Krasnodar and back, but I had to go to the hospital due to my illness and did not fly naturally. I got to Krasnodar by other transport. And when I came to board for the return flight, they did not put me in, explaining that I did not show up for boarding in the direction of Krasnodar. All my explanations and presentation of documents for a good reason were not taken into account. And so they didn’t put me on the flight, the money wasn’t returned, and they didn’t offer me to take another flight. I have never seen such a bestial attitude towards people in any airline, even in Pobeda! You need to revoke your license for this! I will not fly with this airline again, and I will give an appropriate assessment of the airline to all familiar and unfamiliar people! A shame !!!

Stewardess ... this is already a subculture ... It's always nice to look at their aerial magnetism ..!

Why is it necessary to assert that silicone lips are beautiful ??? Girls are beautiful only when they preserve their natural beauty.


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