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Indicators of Airbus on the results of 2014 years

Indicators of Airbus on the results of 2014 years


In 2014, the most intensive development of the production of aircraft models A320 Neo и A330 NeoAlong with the development of wide-body aircraft.

Airbus has released at its plants in the 2014 629, the aircraft, which were delivered to companies 89, 490 units of which A320, 108 units A330, 30 units A380 and the first airliner A350 XWB. These manufacturing advances mean that the supply of aircraft at the end of 2014 year exceeded the results achieved in the year 2013 have constant growth 13-consecutive year ..


The order book reached 1456 67 units for companies (14 of which are new) orders exceeding 2013 years 1321 aircraft.


Total production in the years of activity of the company is the sum of aircraft 6386 919.3 bln. Dollars in the prices according to the catalog.

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At the end of the year 2014 the company's share in the total production of the aircraft has reached more than 50% of the market for aircraft with seating in the cabin over 100. Among the many sales the greatest demand model A320 Neo, who wish to acquire companies during 120 6 2014 months of the year after the launch of the aircraft in the series.

One of the largest customers is the company Delta, Which plans to buy planes A330 Neo to maintain transatlantic flights and A350 for transpacific routes. Very high demand for the model A320 Neo, which is especially popular among leasing companies.

Event of the year can be considered the completion of all tests and certification procedures for the end of the model A 350 XWB with the delivery of the first aircraft for the company Qatar Airways. Companies from various countries have included in their plans for the purchase of wide-body aircraft A 380, including such companies as Asiana, Qatar Airways и Etihad

According to its figures 2014 year was a very successful year for the team of Airbus, results of operations exceeded expectations.

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The management of the company, headed by the executive director of Fabrise Brigier, note that the company has become more responsive to emergency situations and find acceptable solutions that suit suppliers, buyers and other firms involved in the company's activities.

Today, Airbus is a leading manufacturer of passenger aircraft with a capacity from 100 to 500 seats. The company's enterprises are located in France, Germany, Great Britain, Spain, as well as subsidiaries in China, USA, India, Japan and the Middle East. In addition, it provides a high level of customer support and training opportunities with the international network.


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