Flying over the ocean. Transatlantic flight.
Flying over the ocean. Transatlantic flight.

Flying over the ocean. Video. Transatlantic flight.


Going on a long journey, when you need to pay a visit to the Americas, to be a long road, even where it is necessary for the plane a long time to overcome this distance. Flying over the ocean always unusual, as it is time-consuming, and passengers get tired waiting for the end of the flight. Fly to any of the countries in this region lasts from 13 16 hours before.What is much tired passengers.


Flying over the ocean video


The more adventurous, especially those who do not like a long stay in a confined space and tries to spend most of the flight, a good night's sleep, try immediately after meals, curl up and fall asleep. Yes, if nothing else, this is one of the most reliable ways to spend time. For entertainment on the plane it is not so much a long flight causes fatigue. The best part is still to come, after the landing, so to gain strength does not hurt anyone.

Boeing over the sea

   Flights of such complexity are carried out on special types of aircraft. Not everyone can overcome such a distance without landing. Need not one crew, because the lead so long flight as hard. It requires some strength and energy. After all, the performance of any flight - this is a very important moment for the crew.

Transatlantic flights are mostly made on the aircraft corporation '' Boing '' 747 or 767, and '' Airbus ''As well as other types of passenger planes can not carry out such long nonstop flights. There needs not only a special type of aircraft, and a special training. Need an aircraft that can take a sufficient amount of fuel to fill all available seats for passengers, and provide power to everyone who is on the board is a long time.

Airplane over the sea, the engine

   Transatlantic flight - It is a heavy and long flight, which exhausts all. Therefore, you must also comply with special security measures in such difficult conditions. Most of this trip, going over the ocean, it makes many special feelings that are associated with increased anxiety. But do not be afraid of this, as there is no particular danger, aviation services provided everything to any mission ended successfully.

So, takeoff, the planned provision of food to passengers, a strong, restful sleep, and now it is America, which only had to dream. Transatlantic flight is completed, and as always, thanks to the airline, successfully!

Napisatelyu this opus worthwhile to see the schedule of transatlantic flights European airlines. Flight Frankfurt-New York 9 hours.
Before Los Angeles 12 14 chasov.Do Buenos Aires.

I believe in a transatlantic flight a very large burden on the flight attendants. For 16 hours of flight has a lot that happened. People suffer long flights differently.
From care, experience, responsibilities, flight attendants pravelno action depends heavily on the safety and comfort of travel.