Clinic of Civil Aviation
Clinic of Civil Aviation

Clinic of Civil Aviation



Civil Aviation Clinic at the Central Clinical Hospital - known medical institution of Moscow, in which the assistance and for the purpose of the survey can now contact each, not just professionals in the field of aviation.

CDB Russian civil aviation has long been famous outside the capital, where it is located. In its surgical department has successfully carried out the most complex operations in the field of general and endoscopic surgery, and neurosurgery.

Civil Aviation Clinic 3434

Clinic of Civil Aviation

On the basis of the Central Clinical Hospital of the Civil Aviation, there is an operating polyclinic, where highly qualified specialists of a wide profile are received. The diagnostic department is equipped with the most modern equipment for functional and ultrasound examination; there is a radiological department here, as well as an endoscopic laboratory. With this technique, the research and laboratory tests required to diagnose diseases take very little time. The clinic itself is designed for 350 visits per shift. There is a department of physiotherapy and rehabilitation, where real professionals work; you can do massage, other restorative procedures.

Civil Aviation Hospital provides medical care around the clock. These were treated with different problems.

Clinic of civil aviation on the basis of CDB is in the same building as the hospital. This is a huge gray high-rise building in a forested area of ​​Moscow at Ivankovskoe highway, 7. The hospital where the Clinic of Civil Aviation, It covers an area of ​​11 hectare. There's even a cafe and guesthouse: It is possible to stay for those who come from far away for examination or outpatient treatment.

Civil Aviation Clinic 434

Clinic of Civil Aviation

In the huge building of the hospital, in addition to the polyclinic and all hospital buildings, there are twelve more departments of higher educational institutions of a medical profile. It periodically hosts educational lectures, scientific and practical seminars, congresses, as well as master classes by leading specialists in the field of medicine. 



  • Ordinatorskoj Phone: (495) 490-02-76

  • Head of department: Dotsenko Pavel V.

  • Mobile phone. + 7 915 407-56-08

  • Contract Division: (495) 490-04-60