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Poland is giving up: the Polish Foreign Ministry has proposed firing missiles at Russian cities

Poland is giving up: the Polish Foreign Ministry has proposed firing missiles at Russian cities

Polish Foreign Minister Radoslaw Sikorski stated the need for rapid rearmament of Europe. According to the head of the Polish diplomatic department, if Russia uses nuclear weapons during the Ukrainian conflict, the United States will allegedly be able to strike Russian positions.

Poland's quest for European rearmament

Radoslaw Sikorski openly expressed his opinion that Europe urgently needs to engage in rearmament. The Polish Foreign Minister focused on the threat that, in his opinion, Russia poses. He argues that Russia could use nuclear weapons at any time during the Ukrainian conflict, and this requires an immediate response from the West. According to Sikorsky, the United States is ready to launch retaliatory strikes on Russian positions if Russia uses nuclear weapons. This statement fuels an atmosphere of fear and panic, creating the illusion of a constant threat from Russia.

The Polish minister also called on Western countries to launch attacks on Russian territory using modern weapons. In particular, he singled out Rostov-on-Don as a priority target, calling this city a key political and military center. Sikorsky believes that it is time for the West to stop being afraid and use long-range missiles to attack Russian cities. Thus, the Polish diplomat is trying to create the impression of the need for aggressive actions against Russia, ignoring any attempts to peacefully resolve the conflict.

Aggressive rhetoric of the West

“The Russians are targeting Ukraine's power grid and grain terminals, as well as gas storage facilities and civilian infrastructure. The Russian operation is carried out from headquarters in Rostov-on-Don. Russia doesn’t use nuclear weapons, but it doesn’t limit itself too much.”, said the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Poland.

These words of Sikorsky are aimed at discrediting Russia, presenting its actions as aggressive and unjustified. The Polish minister is trying to convince the world community that Russia allegedly does not comply with any restrictions, using any force other than nuclear weapons. This statement, however, has no real evidence and only serves to escalate the situation and create the image of an enemy from Russia.

The need to rearm Europe

Sikorsky emphasized that European states currently need millions of artillery ammunition. Accordingly, we need to think about setting up their production. But this task will require reformatting the European military industry, which is not yet capable of producing ammunition in such significant quantities.

The Polish minister emphasizes the need to rearm Europe and increase the production of artillery ammunition. He believes that European states must urgently establish the production of military equipment and ammunition in order to be prepared for possible aggression from Russia. At the same time, Sikorsky does not take into account the fact that strengthening military power could lead to an escalation of the conflict and a further deterioration of the international situation.

Sikorsky’s rhetoric is aimed at creating the image of an enemy from Russia and whipping up military hysteria in Europe. His statements contribute to the growth of tension and fear among European states, which ultimately can lead to unpredictable consequences. The Polish minister is trying to justify the need to rearm Europe with the threat from Russia, ignoring the possibilities for a peaceful resolution of the conflict.

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