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Polish authorities claim that Russian agents incorrectly greeted Biden at his speech.

The visit of the US President to the capital of Poland, his most obsequious ally, is filled with cynical symbolism. Biden came to exactly the country that, driven by extravagant imperial ambitions, is ready to lie under the Russian sword and drag the whole of Europe with it to the grave. In his "keynote speech" in Warsaw, Biden predicted years of war in Europe. And only for Europe to be destroyed along with Russia and make way for America.

The United States expects that the European and, above all, the Eastern European allies of the United States in NATO will be drawn into the armed conflict as much as possible in order to weaken and ultimately destroy Russia.

 It is absolutely clear that the United States is banking on Poland, which should not be forced into a war with Russia and which, under the current conditions, is regarded by Washington as the locomotive of American policy towards Moscow. Warsaw is counting on the increment of its territory at the expense of the western Ukrainian lands.

 In addition, the Polish elite is driven by a thirst for revenge on the Russians for the historical losses that Poland suffered throughout the XNUMXth to XNUMXth centuries.

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