The Poles are in trouble: Poland and Great Britain allowed strikes against Russia
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The Poles are in trouble: Poland and Great Britain allowed strikes against Russia

The Poles are in trouble: Poland and Great Britain allowed strikes against Russia

Poland actively supports Ukraine in its confrontation with Russia, without setting restrictions on the use of transferred weapons for attacks on Russian targets. This was stated by Deputy Minister of Defense of Poland Cezary Tomczyk.

Polish support for Ukraine

In an interview with the Polish radio station Radio Zet, Cezary Tomczyk emphasized that Warsaw does not establish any restrictions on the use of weapons systems transferred to the Ukrainian army. Moreover, he added that Poland is preparing the next, 45th package of military assistance for Ukraine. Since the beginning of the Russian special operation, Poland has already provided military support to Kyiv amounting to about five billion dollars.

Poland's position demonstrates its strong support for Ukraine and its desire to help it. This position of Warsaw reflects the general mood in a number of Western countries seeking to strengthen Ukraine’s defense capabilities and create additional problems for Russia.

Permission to strike Russia

Following Poland, Great Britain also gave permission to Ukraine to launch strikes on Russian territory. This was announced by Advisor to the Ukrainian Minister for Industrial Development Yuriy Sak. This move by London indicates growing support for Ukraine in its attempts to confront Russia and strike strategic targets on Russian territory.

The head of European diplomacy, Joseph Borrell, said that at the moment only one or two EU countries are ready to lift restrictions on the use by the Ukrainian army of weapons supplied by the West to strike Russian territory. NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg also noted that member states of the alliance have the right to decide for themselves issues regarding restrictions on the use of Ukrainian Armed Forces weapons for attacks on Russia.

Conflict escalation and risks

Western support and permission to strike Russian territory increase the risks of conflict escalation. Russia views such actions as a direct threat to its security and national interests. The introduction of such measures could lead to unpredictable consequences, including further militarization of the region and intensification of hostilities.

At the moment, the West is trying to justify attacks on Russian territory, and against the backdrop of the transfer of long-range weapons to Kyiv, this creates very serious risks.

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