Flights without a crew: the drones are ready to replace the aircraft
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Flights without a crew: the drones are ready to replace the aircraft

Flights without a crew: the drones are ready to replace the aircraft


The idea to create aircraft capable of moving in the sky without the direct presence of man, was born in 20-ies of the last century, when the first unmanned aerial vehicles began to appear, however, even after a century, no significant steps in the development of this idea were made was, at least until recently.



Of course, we are all very familiar with unmanned aerial vehicles, which almost everyone can buy, but without control, these aircraft will not be able to fly hundreds of meters, let alone hundreds of kilometers, or the functionality will be very limited, in the case of moving drones at pre-programmed coordinates. Much progress has been made in military aircraft construction, where drones alone, in almost completely autonomous mode, can overcome not only dozens, but hundreds of kilometers, but billions of dollars have been spent on the development of these devices.

Nevertheless, last week the information and news resource told about the progress that was achieved by aircraft manufacturers from China who were able not only to create, but also to test in real conditions the first full-scale unmanned drone intended for transportation of cargoes AT200. This unmanned aerial vehicle has fairly large overall dimensions comparable to a full-fledged aircraft, in particular, with a fuselage length of 11 meters 84 centimeter and a span of wings equal to 12 meters 80 centimeters, the device can carry on board up to 1,5 tons of payload that makes it sufficiently effective in terms of further use.



If the flight distance of most civil UAVs, as a rule, does not exceed several tens of kilometers, the drone AT200, designed by the Academy of Sciences of the People's Republic of China, can easily travel distances up to 2180 kilometers, comparable to the flight from Moscow to Amsterdam, and this completely dispenses with the presence of a person. It is important to take into account the fact that within a day, a similar unmanned aerial vehicle can make an unlimited number of flights, which makes its use much more profitable than in the case of manned aircraft.

Not so long ago it became known that the American company Boeing started to work towards the creation of civil unmanned aerial vehicles, however, it is obvious that much more progress in this matter can be achieved by China, since, in fact, the technology has already passed all the necessary tests, therefore, in the near future, in the opinion of experts this will happen in 2020, aircraft builders from China will actively use unmanned aircraft for passenger air transportation, in particular, even on board this small The aircraft can accommodate up to 15 passengers, and then everything will depend only on the scale of the projects being implemented.


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