The flights are not a luxury, but accessibility for everyone
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The flights are not a luxury, but accessibility for everyone

The flights are not a luxury, but accessibility for everyone


The Wright Brothers, after the successful test of the world's first airplane, which was held in December 1903, said that humanity faces an impossible task, making air transport not only popular, but also affordable for almost everyone. Despite the fact that more than a hundred years have passed since the first flight of an airplane, air transport remains inaccessible for most citizens of our country, and although aircraft manufacturers take all measures to ensure lower prices for the aircraft being designed, until that moment when the plane ceases to be a luxury, it is still quite far away.



Of course, hundreds of aircraft designers are involved in the creation of the aircraft, and the development process takes many years of painstaking work, so, to reduce the cost of aircraft and can not, however, if you drop dreams of comfortable flights, and, in fact, imbued with the idea of ​​fulfillment flights to a rather impressive distance, in fact, its own air means can acquire only for 10-12 thousand dollars.

It would seem that all of the above is fantastic and far from reality, however, do not forget about the great discoveries in the aircraft industry, and pay attention to such a variety of aircraft as a muscle. Comfort from the use of these aircraft, of course, is small, however, in the case of a well-developed physical body shape, it is quite possible to overcome distances of 100-150 kilometers.



 What is muskololot? In fact, a muscolon is an aircraft capable of moving in the air due to the muscular strength of a person, that is, the operation of such an air vehicle does not require the presence of fuel, which makes it possible to recoup the aircraft within a rather short period of time, and it is important to take into account that today per day, the cheapest aircraft of this type cost about 10 thousand dollars.

Compared to conventional airplanes, musculatures have two main drawbacks - low flight speed, usually not exceeding 35 km / h. and the required high endurance of the pilot, however, this may well pay off with unlimited flight range, low cost, the ability to land on a small area of ​​terrain, high reliability, etc.



Experts do not rule out that while continuing to work in this direction, the main parameters of the muscles can be increased by 30-40%, which will allow flights to fly to an altitude of 200 kilometers, and move at an average speed of up to 50 km / h, which may well be compared to a number of inexpensive aircraft in terms of flight performance.


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Of course, there is little muscular force, and it is not without reason that Zhukovsky said that a person would fly, relying on the power of thought. But the idea, already implemented by the way on electric bicycles, about help from the motor will allow the muscles to train and flight characteristics (speed, range) to improve.


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