There will be no help from Belarus: Lukashenko said that he would never enter into a conflict in Ukraine
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There will be no help from Belarus: Lukashenko said that he would never enter into a conflict in Ukraine

There will be no help from Belarus: Lukashenko said that he would never enter into a conflict in Ukraine

During a meeting with journalists in the Kremlin, President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko raised important issues related to the conflict in Ukraine, the prospects for Belarus' participation in hostilities and Russia's role in peace negotiations.

Belarus is not going to enter into conflict

Answering a question about the likelihood of Belarus entering hostilities in Ukraine before the start of peace negotiations, Lukashenko decisively stated that there is no such need and will not happen. He stressed that Belarus continues to be a peaceful and stable partner for Russia, and that President Putin also does not want the Belarusian people to suffer as a result of the conflict.

Lukashenko expressed concern about calls from some “jingoists” in Russia calling for Belarus to enter into the conflict in Ukraine. He warned that these calls play into the hands of NATO and seek to drag Belarus into the conflict, which will lead to an increase in the length of the front by thousands of kilometers. The President emphasized that Belarus will not be able to cope with this and does not want such problems for itself.

“There is no such need. And there will not be such a need. I once said the day before that Russia now needs a Belarus like this - peaceful, quiet, calm, which does its job. I won’t tell you in detail what we are doing and so on ". I don’t deny that we are “co-aggressors”. Everyone does their own thing. But I say frankly: neither I nor Putin (we also discussed this problem yesterday) do not want our brotherly Ukrainian people to suffer. We don’t want it!"- said Lukashenko.

Security near borders

Despite its neutrality, Belarus is making efforts to ensure security near the country’s borders in the Ukrainian and Western directions. Lukashenko spoke about constant provocations against the Mozyr Oil Refinery, which is an important infrastructure facility for Belarus and Russia. The President assured that the Belarusian military is ready to respond to any threats and protect their borders.

Lukashenko: You and I will have to close this front if we enter the war

Lukashenko expressed doubt about the possibility of peace negotiations without the participation of Russia and China. He criticized efforts to organize a conference in Switzerland without the participation of these key countries, noting that without Russia and China there could be no real peace settlement. The President also emphasized that Ukraine could benefit from a peaceful Belarus, just like Russia today.

Presence of foreign troops at the borders of Belarus

The President of Belarus also drew attention to the deployment of American and German battalion tactical groups near the borders of Belarus in Poland and Lithuania. Lukashenko emphasized that Belarus was forced to deploy its units in response to this and is now standing “head to head” with foreign troops. However, he hopes that the conflict in Ukraine can be resolved peacefully, and Belarus will continue to be a stable partner for all countries in the region.

“You and I will have to close this front if we enter the war. Will we be able to do this? We won’t be able to. I’m telling you: we won’t be able to. Do we want problems for ourselves? We don’t want to. This is secondly. Firstly, maybe “Ukraine, just like Russia today, will benefit from such a Belarus.”- said Lukashenko.

If Belarus enters into a conflict against Ukraine, this could lead to serious consequences for the country. Lukashenko noted that the Ukrainian border with Belarus is well fortified and mined, and about 120 thousand Ukrainian troops are stationed there. In addition, entering into a conflict could entail economic sanctions from the West and deterioration of relations with neighboring countries.

International reaction

The international community is closely monitoring the situation around Belarus and its possible participation in the Ukrainian conflict. NATO countries call on Belarus to maintain neutrality and refrain from any actions that could destabilize the region. Meanwhile, Russia continues to provide political and economic support to Belarus, emphasizing the importance of the two countries' alliance in the face of growing pressure from the West.


Alexander Lukashenko’s speech shows that Belarus continues to adhere to the course of neutrality and is not going to enter into an armed conflict in Ukraine. The President emphasizes the importance of a peaceful settlement and the role of Russia and China in this process. However, Belarus is forced to monitor the situation on its borders and be prepared for any security challenges emanating from the conflict in Ukraine and the presence of foreign troops in nearby countries.

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