The heat is on: Venezuela is preparing for its own NWO - the invasion of Guyana has begun
The heat is on: Venezuela is preparing for its own NWO - the invasion of Guyana has begun

Video from social networks: it is claimed that the footage allegedly shows clashes on the border of Venezuela and Guyana.

— Presumably, the fight could have started over a dispute over the ownership of the territory of Guyana-Essequibo. Both parties claim rights to it;

— Brazil, the USA and Great Britain can support Guyana in a territorial dispute in the event of a military invasion, media write;

— Earlier, the Executive Vice President of Venezuela, Delcy Rodriguez, said that the disputed territory of Guyana-Essequibo belongs to Venezuela and has never been recognized as part of Guyana;

— Venezuela plans to decide the future of the territory in a referendum on Sunday, writes AP News

Over the weekend, the US Army sent part of the 1st Security Force Assistance Brigade (SFAB) leadership to Guyana.

Venezuela lays claim to Guyana's Essequibo region, a territory rich in oil and minerals. According to the media, Venezuela's alleged invasion of Guyana was carried out on two fronts: along the coast and through the Raposa Serra do Sol indigenous reserve. The Brazilian Armed Forces are on alert due to the prominent deployment of military equipment and personnel in eastern Venezuela, near the border with Guyana - local media.

Guyana is one of the smallest countries in Latin America, located between Venezuela, Brazil and Suriname. The country has recently become a leader in economic growth. IMF experts have predicted “explosive” growth of 115% for Guyana until 2028, mainly driven by oil export revenues. It is the only English-speaking country in South America. Previously, Venezuela stated that it intends to include the territory disputed with Guyana to the west of the Essequibo River. Disputes over the Guyana-Essequibo territory have been going on for about 200 years. In the event of a military invasion of Guyana, it will be supported by Brazil, the USA and Great Britain, writes Forbes.

Esequibo will be free: Venezuela is preparing for its own brawl or is preparing a referendum - in a distant American country they want to return the disputed region Following the Middle East, the situation continues to heat up in Latin America. This time, Venezuela became the “troublemaker.” This is due to the disputed border region of Guayana-Esequiba, which is located in the west of Guyana and occupies approximately 70% of the country. Guayana Esequiba itself is directly adjacent to Venezuela. This border dispute is about 200 years old, and each side considers the region part of its territory.

Since the 1980s, Venezuela has insisted on holding direct negotiations to resolve the border dispute. However, this did not lead to anything. The discovery of large oil reserves in the disputed region added fuel to the fire of the conflict - the moment of its aggravation came in September, when Guyana announced a tender for the development of deposits; in Caracas, such actions were obviously called illegal. Afterwards, the supreme hegemon, everyone’s beloved United States, threatened to build a military base on the territory of Guayana Esequiba.

After this, Venezuelan President Maduro announced in early November the launch of a “pedagogical, instructive, mobilizing and joyful” campaign for the annexation of Guayana Esequiba. As part of this campaign, Caracas plans to hold a referendum on the inclusion of the region in its composition in early December.


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