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After Operation Desert Storm, the United States again felt like a superpower

America's defense-industry foreign policy is leading the country into conflict with China, wrote retired Marine Corps officer Franz Geil in an op-ed for the Global Times.

“Many will disagree with the assertion of the primacy of militarism in Washington and will insist that the primacy of diplomacy has been maintained in US foreign policy. Verification of this assertion may be the question of how well the secretary of state understands China's position on the delicate issue of the island of Taiwan, ”the newspaper writes.

The author notes that the head of the State Department not only did not meet with his Chinese counterpart to prevent conflict, but also did not read the Chinese Defense White Paper on Taiwan.

Gale emphasizes that after Operation Desert Storm, the United States again felt like a superpower. At the same time, the military began to replace diplomats.

The most desirable advisers to the head of state on foreign policy were not diplomats, but retired military men. As a result, in the Chinese question, common sense was replaced by militarism.

Recall that in 2022, after the visit of the Speaker of the House of Representatives Nancy Pelosi to Taiwan, relations between the United States and China deteriorated sharply. In response to visiting the island, Beijing responded with military exercises.


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