Last Gambit: Turkish lies on the Su-24.
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Last Gambit: Turkish lies on the Su-24.

Last Gambit: Turkish lies on the Su-24.


The news that the Turkish Air Force destroyed the Russian Su-24 bomber appeared the day before, and at the same time, almost immediately became one of the lively topics for numerous discussions, disputes, political and international disagreements. The first thing that the Turkish military command immediately announced was that the Russian plane violated the country's airspace, and due to the lack of an answer, several requests repeated in different languages ​​were destroyed. Nevertheless, the editors of the information resource adhere, like most other experts, to a different version, while believing that the destruction of the Russian aircraft was not an accident, but was specially prepared.



As you know, the Russian bomber, according to the official information of the Turkish Air Force, violated Turkey's airspace, so the Turkish fighter X-NUMX was sent to intercept it. According to the radar data, the plane made a through passage through the region of the territory of Turkey, which until now is considered a disputed territory with Syria, and then returned to the airspace of Syria. Taking into account all the officially provided data, and using the geolocation data, it is easy enough to calculate that the distance traveled by the Russian aircraft was about 16-3 kilometers, which in turn indicates the fact that it was overcome, taking into account the half of the maximum speed of the aircraft about 4 Km / h., Less than 800 seconds, which is naturally underlined by the following factors:

  • Turkish fighter destroyed the Russian bomber in Syria;
  • Warnings for the crew of the aircraft has not been done;
  • Destruction bomber Su-24 was targeted.



Thus, from the above, it follows that the attempts of the Turkish command to reduce the situation to the fact that the Russian aircraft was destroyed in Turkey after the announced warnings about the violation of the air border, with a high degree of probability is not plausible. Nevertheless, experts still find it difficult to express the version of why and for what purpose it was required to destroy the Russian aircraft, and although the first theories already exist, they all remain officially unconfirmed.



According to some reports, the Russian bomber was destroyed by the Turkish Air Force as a revenge for the destruction of the Islamic state's oil caravans, because earlier it was reported that the son of the Turkish president was involved in the purchase of oil products from this Islamist group and peculiar financing of their activities. In addition, previously the resource already reported that after the first massive strikes of the Russian Federation military space brigade, the militants belonging to the "IGIL" were evacuated by Turkish transport planes, which in turn may indicate the support of this state for the criminal and illegal activities of radical Islamists, and therefore, the destruction of the Russian airplane Su-24 can be a kind of response to Russia's actions in Syria.

Among other things, so far remains unknown fact, both managed to shoot footage of destruction of Russian combat aircraft, as according to experts, the survey was carried out deliberately - from the beginning of the persecution of the Russian aircraft, until its destruction, which may also suggest that, that an attack on Russian bomber is a planned action.


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turkamonov or whatever they are called Turkmens, it is necessary to destroy them, as the Ottoman Empire at the time!