Last count (1980).
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Last count (1980).

The last countdown (1980).


  • Country: USA.
  • Directed by Don Taylor.
  • Starring: Kirk Douglas, Martin Sheen, Catherine Ross, James Farentino, Charles Durning




Unknown way, a huge military aircraft carrier moved from his native 1980 1941, in a year, in the midst of a war between the US and Japan.



Unexpected events begin to develop the most rapid way. Fighter Group F-14 sent to explore the situation, when suddenly, planes collide in a battle with the Japanese fighter Mitsubishi A6m Zero, and fast-moving battlefield destroy it. However, the Japanese pilot managed to survive, and his questioning revealed that one of the possible versions of the unexpected deployment of the ship in an unknown area confirmed - is time travel.



Now the whole team to go to the carrier difficult task - to prevent the change history occurred in these days of the war, but because modern fighter pilots will have to fight with the Japanese planes. The numerical superiority on the side of Japan, however, have learned a lot of aces 40 years, and besides, they have a presence in modern combat vehicles, which will help them destroy the enemy.



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