Last flight (1994).
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Last flight (1994).

Last flight (1994).


  • Country: USA.
  • Director Yves Simoneau.
  • Starring: Diane Keaton, Rutger Hauer, Bruce Dern


The film is based on real events and in it the viewer is invited to look at the life of the famous female aviator Amelia Earhart.



Together with navigator Frederick Noonan, Amelia goes round the world trip on his plane, whose main objective is rounding the globe along the equator, and as a fascinating journey, replete with all kinds of feelings, coming to an end, the plane suddenly disappears, and then, no brave travelers, neither their aircraft were never seen again.



Almost successful attempt to make a world tour, a daring challenge to the fate of lead to the fact that even though airmen failed to carry out his plan, but still, their names will live forever in glory.



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