The last flight "Albatross» (1971).
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The last flight "Albatross» (1971).

Battle of Britain (1969).


  • Country USSR.
  • Director Leonid Pchelkina.
  • Starring: Vytautas Tomkus, Juris Kaminskis



Soviet intelligence before the start of World War II is being implemented in the German Air Force, and the main purpose of his job is in any way interfere with the Germans to establish serial production of jet aircraft, which under certain conditions could tip the scales of victory in Germany.



However, for the testing and production of the new aircraft in addition to the Soviet agent also observed the German group, which finally reveals the plans of the USSR in their territory. To perform the job, the agent called "March" will blow up a prototype jet aircraft, but by chance he can to undermine the only one car at a time, like one more miraculously survived. Now, surrounded by enemies, it must urgently take steps to carry out the task.



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