The post of commander-in-chief VKS: instead of a pilot - a general-arms agent!
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The post of commander-in-chief VKS: instead of a pilot - a general-arms agent!

The post of commander-in-chief VKS: instead of a pilot - a general-arms agent!


In this state post, a fighter pilot will be replaced by a combined arms: Commander of the Russian group of forces in Syria, Colonel-General Sergei Surovikin.

I believe that our Minister of Defense SK Shoigu, and in this case, did not fail!

Sergei Surovikin is aware of the primary needs and aviation required in modern warfare, since he in Syria had a direct relationship to planning and conducting military operations not only by infantry and tanks, but also by aviation - linking them "together" in interaction for sure achievement of victory!

At the same time, “Information portal Strategika51 noted that the experience of the Syrian war revealed a number of shortcomings in military equipment. In particular, it was found that modern helicopters do not have sufficient speed for successful attacks on enemy positions.

... For the Russian army, the presence of high-speed helicopters is of great importance. Since during the operation of the technology, it turned out that the vehicles often fly at very low altitudes and under conditions of powerful air defense. The technique is fired from a wide variety of systems: from manual MANPADS to S-200 or 23 mm ZU guns. ”            

On my own I will add that in addition to the Mi helicopters, the tail rotor control and the tail booms themselves from a large-caliber machine gun are easily cut off. have very high bending-torsional loads from the tail rotor. But fighter pilot V. Bondarev admires: “There is not a single lag in the Mi-28NM. This is a wonderful helicopter, we really need it. In 2018, the completion of development work is planned, and he will go to the troops. " The maximum speed of this "ultra-modern" and "much needed" helicopter = 324 / h. or at 4k / h. more than the Mi-24 helicopter of the first release in the last century.

And all would be nothing, but "At the same time, the military leader in domestic military aviation has sharply increased the accident rate of flights," Gazety.Ru "sources among servicemen told. According to the interlocutors of the newspaper, the number of air crashes in other years just went off scale, which gave grounds to Russian military aviators to call Bondarev the most "bloody" commander in recent years "(21 Sep - RIA Novosti).

According to this statement, as a helicopter pilot, I will focus only on hard helicopter landing.

The first disaster with a human sacrifice occurred on February 15, 2011, during a training flight, the Mi-28N crashed. The reason for the fall: the gearbox drove the chips and the tail rotor failed. The commander of the crew, Lieutenant Colonel Andrei Glyantsev, was killed.

Next: in August 2015 at the demonstration performances at the Dubrovichi training ground. Then another "Mi-28N" crashed for the same reason, Colonel Igor Butenko, the leader of the pilot group "Berkut", also died.

A more terrible "loss occurred on 12 on April 2016 of the year. “When carrying out a planned combat flight, when returning to the base, the Mi-28H crashed, according to known information, the helicopter was not fired, the crash occurred due to poor visibility and loss of spatial orientation of the pilot. The crew of the aircraft commander Andrei Okladnikov and navigator Viktor Pankov died.                                                                                                                    

8 July 2016 year in the performance of the combat mission killed Ryafat Habibullin and Yevgeny Dolgin. Their Mi-35 was shot down from the ground by hitting the helmsman's helm, so the helicopter lost control and collapsed to the ground. " (Chronology of losses of aviation equipment of the Russian Air Force in Syria 1 August 2016. "Aviadrive").

The post of the commander-in-chief of the VKS: instead of the pilot - a general-military vehicle! 1

The crash of the helicopter Mi-28 12 April 2016. 

Conclusion: “the disaster occurred due to poor visibility and loss of spatial orientation of the pilot.”      

And so: at night, in the "bad visibility" the pilots go to the target, perform the task and the helicopter on autopilot calmly returns to the base. Next question: "From what a fright they should lose their spatial position in the air ???

Where was the Commander-in-Chief of the Aerospace Forces, pilot V. Bondarev? Why did he allow the chairman of the IAC commission to humiliate the hero pilots themselves and their families with an unfair conclusion ??? After such a conclusion, how will their children feel when, instead of being awarded the title of "Hero", they are forever labeled as "not coping with helicopter control", but essentially "bad" pilots?

Our young commanders of helicopters in difficult winter conditions of the Arctic (Norilsk, there is no day in winter) did not lose their spatial position, but here experienced, highly qualified pilots managed to "lose" their spatial position after completing a combat mission. The members of the commission, apparently from a good hangover, made such an unmoral conclusion, and V. Bondarev "closed his eyes" to this blatant injustice! The commander-in-chief of the Aerospace Forces should have stopped flights on Mi-28N helicopters once and for all after the very first falls, which in turn occurred due to a constructive flaw. After all, I have listed only those disasters that claimed the lives of the pilots, and there were no fewer hard landings when the helicopter was soft-boiled, but the crew members were alive. And all right there would be no replacement for this mediocre "N. Hunter ", otherwise we have the best Ka-50 attack helicopter in the world, which has been mothballed (apparently, with a hint from the Vashobkom). 

"Black Shark" - a real fighter, strong and highly maneuverable patiently waiting for him to be used for the purpose: to protect the Fatherland!

"Super-manned Ka-50 helicopter" Black Shark "

Published by 14.05.2016 | @AviaRu |

But the main thing is the ability to write pirouettes in the sky, impossible for helicopters of the classical scheme. Such unique figures include, for example, a funnel: a helicopter with speeds of up to 180 km / h describes circles above the target, while its nose is constantly pointing at the center, which allows continuous aiming while simultaneously evading response fire. Ka-50 can hover with a sideways sideways or even backwards. It is capable of making a flat turn at 180% in the entire speed range, that is, deploying the fuselage with all the weapons, without changing the direction of the flight. All these elements of helicopter super-maneuverability distinguish Ka-50 from other combat helicopters in the same way as in its time the Su-27 differed from any other fighters. In aerobatics, it's just a machine from a different era. "

Let's hope that the new Glavkom VKS Serov Surovikin after the war in Syria will go along the path of progress and in helicopter technology, there will not be a public relations like "this is a wonderful helicopter" without realizing it in practice!

And to distinguish the "NM" from the incompetent Mi-28N will only be modified gearboxes and a slight improvement in weapons. For example, the firing range of the Ataka missile will increase from 6km. up to 8km; the gun is the same and in the same place: under the nose in the most vibrating part of the body, so it is practically impossible to stabilize the barrel when conducting fire. It is officially recognized that the accuracy of firing from a gun from Mi-28N is worse than that of Ka-50 in 4, that is, he will be able, like Mi-28, to work confidently only with unguided rockets, and with the rest of the armament - anyhow! So sell them to foreign customers, the main thing is that the beginning of this is: "The Russian newspaper - Federal issue No. 7380 (214)

The first batch of Mi-28NE "Night Hunter", equipped with a new on-board missile defense system with infrared homing head, was delivered to a foreign customer. "

A good way to export them, and I very much wish that there are more such orders, and our combat pilots with the new Chief Executive of the Military Space Agency, Sergey Surovikin, will no longer "lose" their spatial position in the war and in the exercises, and they will only carry out their military tasks impeccably!


Vitalii Belyaev.