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Loss for the military-industrial complex of Ukraine

Loss for the military-industrial complex of Ukraine


Sprawling conflict in Ukraine can become very sensitive for the Russian defense industry. The fact that the 70% of aircraft engines for helicopters and transport aircraft of Russian producers manufactured at the plant "Motor Sich" in Nikolaev.

But Ukrainian "hawks", who are for the "independent" and "Square" in Ukraine and probably do not realize what a blow for "Ukroboronprom" they prepare.

For Russia, the gap of cooperation with the Ukrainian manufacturers, too, can be very sensitive. After all, the bulk of engines for helicopters Mi-8And our transport is made on the "Square". According to experts, is to adjust its production of engines, Russia will need 3-4 year at least. But that's not the whole problem. The basis of our nuclear shield constitute an ICBM "Bulava" ("Satan" in the NATO-encoded).

And the engines, as you may have guessed, is done, again, in the Ukraine. A little consolation is that the life of these missiles will expire soon. And in any case, they will need to be removed from the database, and what it replaced. But our military experts and analysts probably foresaw such an outcome of the situation. And 10 years ago, the program was launched standalone, Russian arms production cycle. With an emphasis on the rejection of neotechestvennyh manufacturers and suppliers.

And, however, against this background, the position of the Ministry of Defense of Russia looks strange. The main order for the manufacture and supply of UAVs, was placed in Israel. Not to mention the order of helicopter carriers in France. This clearly traces someone’s lobby in the higher echelons of power. After all, any imported equipment brings with it a sitting on the “needle” of supplies of components, spare parts, etc. for the country.  

Do we need this? 

  After the collapse of the USSR 20 years passed. Someone thought about the fact that many military-industrial enterprises will go out and become, in fact, monopolists? I think it is unlikely ... Ukrainian defense, too, will not be easy to survive without Russian orders. When will NATO customers catch up? And everyone needs to eat and live today, now. From 3 to 5, it will be necessary for the Ukrainian military-industrial complex to reorient to the NATO market. Are so many “Motor Sich” workers ready to wait, for example?

  The Ukrainian prime minister said last Friday,

Ukraine stops the supply of arms

and military tezniki "Ukroboronprom"!

  Who will be painful step? The question is rhetorical. I do not think that the workers of Ukrainian enterprises joyfully received this news!

Let's go back to Russia. An acute problem arose with personnel for aviation. First of all, this is a problem with the FAC. Back in March, the State Duma adopted a law, in the first reading on the hiring of foreign pilots, including the position of the first pilots. Despite the fact that only in 2013 year, 625 people were accepted into flight schools, there is an acute shortage of flight personnel. 

 In 2013, 625 people were admitted to flight schools,

acute shortage of flight crews

  A holy place is never empty! And the emptiness is not always filled with righteous ways. The cases of getting the "crusts" of the pilot for bribes, and people, at best, with raid even on light aircraft, have become more frequent. Cronyism and bribe infiltration also entered the pilots access system to control passenger planes. The author of these lines knows the system well, and the cost of admission to flights and the cost of the flight book. But truly global scale, this problem has taken in the Caucasus region. And from there, without proper verification, the pilots come to the domestic, Russian lines. And after a year, three years, such "pros" pass on the PIC, without special verification. And then they pass admission to the "airbus" and "Boeing". In the presence of such a number of inspectors and controlling structures in Russia, the situation is doubly incomprehensible.

  And our future commanders of the Armed Forces with you, can simply show the flight book and pass the test in the Russian language. A guarantee of a good payment for their work in Russia will not be a guarantee of our safety with you!

 In the next review, we will consider the problems of small aircraft.
 Soft landing!

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