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Lost Flight (2006).

Lost flight (2006).

  • Genre: Drama, History, Crime
  • Country: UK, USA, France
  • Duration: 1 hours. 51 min.
  • Directed by: Paul Greengrass
  • Cast: David Alan Bash, Christian Clemenson, Susan Blommart, Denny Dillon, Polly Adams


One of the films, which after seeing the tears in constrained. He makes rethink everything. First, as soon as you start to watch a movie, do not expect anything spectacular, no intrigue. But after the audience is aware of the depth of what is happening, attention fully riveted to the screen. It can be called "powerful film" that makes you think.

On this subject has already removed a large number of productions. But this film is special, it is worth a look. Very intense were the last five minutes of the film, it is able to hold up to the titles and after.

At the beginning of the film takes place landing passengers on board, showing footage from the control room, one floor flight is ready to fly. Immediately after takeoff, the passengers became aware that the aircraft was attacked by terrorists. It starts tracking of aircraft and routes. Pilots United 93 began receiving information about the attack.


Lost Flight (2006).

Those who were on board the plane with the eastern appearance, wearing red masks and begin to capture the beauty, threaten passengers with bombs, they want to blow up. Some passengers communicate with relatives, inform them of the capture of the phone.

The terrorists decide to drastically change the route by gaining access to the cockpit. Passengers begin to understand that their plane is becoming a weapon for the White House and that no one will let them go alive. Since they have nothing to lose, they decide to attack the terrorists. As it turns out a little later, one of the passengers knows how to fly an airplane and everyone hopes only for him.


Lost Flight (2006).

"Lost Flight" - is not a thriller, not a documentary. It is a drama that has no equal.

Great acting job, a great installation. It is for these two criteria, they received the "Oscar".

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