The Story of a Real Man (1948).
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The Story of a Real Man (1948).

The Story of a Real Man (1948).




  • Genre: Drama, War film.

  • Country: USSR

  • Duration: 91 minute

  • Director: Alexander Stolper

  • Starring: Paul Kadochnikov Nicholas Okhlopkov, Alexei Wild Basil Merkur'ev, Tamara Makarova Lyudmila Tselikovskaya, Leo Sverdlin, Czeslaw Sushkevich Victor Khokhryakov, Alexander Mikhailov, Boris Dobronravov, Boris Babochkin, Lyubov Sokolova, Vladimir Fungi, Alexander Zrazhevsky

The Story of a Real Man (1948) .1


The film is based on real events from the life of the facts, biographies fighter pilot - Alexei Maresiev. In one of its flights during the fight over the occupied territories, it was shot down by the Germans. For three weeks, he tried to get on the forests littered with snow, and eventually got to the partisans.

The Story of a Real Man (1948) .2


He soon lost his two legs, but continues to fight for life, for his people. He showed incredible strength of character, returned to his vocation, profession, got back behind the wheel and repeatedly replenish your account number of victories over the enemy.



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