One of the first radio-controlled models of manned spacecraft designed in the US, is a target drone A-8 of Culver. In 41-year USAAC designers held a competition among the best UAV. As a result, the first place took a light single-engine plane LCA "Kadet". Thus it was simplified commissioning of new equipment into operation. This machine has been nizkoplanom with retractable landing gear. Plumage - single-fin and engine About-200 from the company Continental (Franklin).

The prototype was designated as A-8. The following prototypes were codified as HPQ-8. The Air Force ordered 200 units XPQ-8 and as many XPQ-8A. The second type of model was equipped with a Lycoming O-290 engine. At the end of the 1941 of the year, the US Navy took one XPQ-8A from the army to conduct anti-aircraft gunner training. A year later, the Navy office sent an official order for 200 units of target aircraft of this type. In 1948, the UAV was designated as Q-8.  

PQ-8. Characteristics:

Modification   PQ-8A
Wingspan, m   8.20
Length, m   5.38
Height, m   1.68
Wing area, m2   11.15
Weight, kg  
  empty   327
  takeoff   592
engine's type   1 PD Lycoming O-290
Power, hp   X 1 125
Maximum speed km / h   225
The flight duration, min  
Practical ceiling, m   5300


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