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Regulations for the carriage of animals in the plane.

Regulations for the carriage of animals in the plane.


Many got "smaller brothers" and it is unlikely anyone would want to leave your beloved pet to leave the house even for a few days, not to mention the great period of separation. In this article we will present the main rules on the transport of animals in aircraft.

Today transport regulations are not something complicated and confusing as it may initially seem to some. Before taking your pet on the road you have to do is not only paperwork themselves, but have to arrange all the necessary papers to the pet. Find out what documents you need to register, no problem, as it will be enough to turn the airline and flight that you are going to use. But in spite of the documents that will be indicated by the airline, in any case, will have to issue a veterinarian special spravochku. But do not do it well before the flight, so as this one help, like the others, has its own lines of action.

Regulations for the carriage of animals in the plane.
Remember that when flying abroad are often required Additional HelpBecause the variant that before the flight will need to do additional vaccinations. What new vaccines? The fact that the other conditions abroad and possibly other diseases that the animals they are not picked up, pass a set of vaccinations that prevent disease one or another disease. For more information, as well as a little advice can be found in the advisory help.

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The Salon, Your pet is unlikely to be allowed as airlines forbid taking animalsAnd interior with the exception of guide dogs (with a certificate about passing the required exercises).

Most likely, your pet will fly in luggageBecause advance purchase is a cell that is comfortable for your pet. Selecting a cellPay attention to the following factors:

1) For the animal shall be provided with free access of air;

2) cell must be solid and well closed;

3) cage should be covered with a special substance with absorbent effect at the same time, having a side that does not allow the absorbent sleep. If it is a bird, the cell is required to be covered by dense matter, for the tranquility of the same animal.

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Provide the most comfortable flight, not only for themselves but also for the animal, because animals are experiencing more greater stressThan the man on the way. Remember that it is not necessary animals overfeedIn no case can not give them the medications, for taking into account if it is not spelled out a doctor, follow these rules before the flight in order to avoid possible problems.

When you buy a ticket, do not forget to inform the representative of the airline that you will be attending pet. Pet dress up, though not to buy a ticket, but the carriage still will have to pay. Payment is made before the flight, according to certain tariffs that are provided by the carrier, according to the weight of the cage with the animal you will be specified payment amount.

That such are the rules for transport of animals by air, then to you to not surprise the possible situations for the flight is prepared in advance.

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