Enterprises help employees obtain and repay loans
Enterprises help employees obtain and repay loans

As a result of personnel shortages and other factors, Russian companies are beginning to help their employees pay and receive profitable loans. The measures are designed to retain workers.

Loan repayment as a measure of employee retention

As many Russian media reports, including Izvestia, against the backdrop of the existing personnel shortage, enterprises are beginning to look for different ways to retain employees, including providing support in terms of working with loans. Companies are helped to obtain preferential loans and cover existing debts to banks. Briefly, we can highlight several support measures from employers:

  • provision of preferential loans;
  • issuing a loan for a down payment on a mortgage at a zero rate;
  • payment of part of the interest, including on mortgage loans.

Many experts consider such measures on the part of employers to be effective and really help to retain employees against the backdrop of low unemployment. Enterprises maintain a stable financial position for employees not only by paying decent wages, but also in these ways. Information about these measures appeared in the Central Bank report and is actively discussed in the Russian media.

How to get up-to-date information about debts

To check and pay debts you can use the service, this is a convenient resource that allows you to receive information about debts online. Using the site, you can quickly check by filling out a simple form. The algorithm is simple - you specify the data, the system searches for debts using official sources. You can then make payment immediately.

Lending volumes in Russia: a brief overview

The issue of debt is not accidental. After all, employers also support their employees for a reason, since many people experience a fairly high credit burden. Therefore, many companies provide employees with soft loans so that they can buy real estate, rent a home, or pay off mortgage interest. Most often, such support is offered by large enterprises and organizations working in the IT field. These are truly effective staff retention tools.

It should be noted that in 2023, the issuance of loans in the Russian Federation increased by more than one and a half times. Various media outlets provide such data. According to experts, banks have approved loans for more than 16 trillion rubles. Almost 50% of these loans were mortgages (housing loans continue to be in high demand even despite rising rates; for many, this is the only way to get their own apartment).

The total volume of debt remains high and, according to various estimates, reaches more than 1 trillion rubles for retail loans. Let us emphasize once again that online debt checking for loans and taxes can be carried out using a special service, receiving up-to-date data in a short time.

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