Warning strike: Israel struck an Iranian nuclear facility, damaging the air defense system
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Warning strike: Israel struck an Iranian nuclear facility, damaging the air defense system

Warning strike: Israel struck an Iranian nuclear facility, damaging the air defense system

The Israeli attack on Isfahan caused damage to Iranian air defense systems but did not cause serious damage to the air force base, which experts say was the main target of the Israeli attack on Iran.

Attack on Iran's nuclear facility

According to reports from Western and Iranian sources, the Israeli attack was aimed at disabling Iranian air defense systems and avoiding being exposed. The New York Times quoted officials as saying the Israeli attack was intended to convey the message that Israel could paralyze Iran's air defense systems without exposing itself.

Targets of Israeli strikes on Iran

However, the Israeli attack reportedly damaged the air defense system responsible for detecting and destroying airborne threats in the Natanz area. Two Iranian sources told the publication that the Israeli attack damaged the S-300 air defense system at a military base in Isfahan.

Targets of Israeli strikes on Iran

However, it is unclear what type of weapon Israel used to damage Iran's air defense system. Three Western and Iranian sources told the newspaper that Israel used drones and at least one missile fired from a short-range aircraft.

Iranian statements

Earlier, Iranian sources reported that the attack on the military base was carried out using small drones, which were likely launched from Iranian territory. Two Western sources said the missile, launched from a short-range aircraft, did not enter Israeli or Iranian airspace and contained technology allowing it to evade Iranian air defenses.

Targets of Israeli strikes on Iran

Sources in the region said Israel used drones launched from Iran and a missile that air defense systems failed to detect to give Iran an idea of ​​what a future attack would look like. They added that the attack was aimed at making Iran think twice before launching a direct attack on Israel in the future.

Satellite imagery

Meanwhile, US news network CNN reported that satellite imagery showed the Israeli attack did not cause serious damage to the Iranian air base. The network added that images showed damage on the ground was minimal.

Israeli strikes on Iran

However, The New York Times reported that it had analyzed satellite imagery and confirmed that a critical part of the S-300 system at Shahinshahr air base in Isfahan was seriously damaged. According to the newspaper, the precision attack damaged or destroyed a radar used by the S-300 air defense systems to track incoming targets.

The newspaper noted that it used a variety of satellite images in its analysis, and the results were confirmed by image analysis expert Chris Biggers, who previously worked with the US government.

Israeli strikes on Iran

However, according to the well-known OSINT specialist Babak Tagvey, the S-300 complex was promptly removed, but the stationary S-200 complex was destroyed, etc. probably several radar stations.

Targeted attack

Satellite images also show that other areas of the air base and adjacent airfield were not damaged.

The newspaper notes that the precision of the attack, deep inside Iran and with many sensitive objects nearby, suggests that Israel chose a specific target, which was the air defense system.

Experts believe that Israel decided not to aggravate the situation in the region, and therefore launched a warning strike that did not seriously affect the operation of the Iranian nuclear facility.

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