PRESS RELEASE agit-flight and the rally "Golden Ring of Bashkortostan"
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PRESS RELEASE agit-flight and the rally "Golden Ring of Bashkortostan"

PRESS RELEASE agit-flight and the rally "Golden Ring of Bashkortostan", dedicated to 90-anniversary of "OSOAVIAKHIM-DOSAAF"



Regional branch DOSAAF Russian Republic of Bashkortostan and the airfield complex of small aircraft "Pervushin", in honor of 90-anniversary of the founding of "OSOAVIAKHIM-DOSAAF," and on the eve of Victory Day in World War II, carried out with 1 8 May 2017 on agit-year flight and rally "Golden Ring of Bashkortostan".

The action is aimed at maintaining Bashkortostan scale festive atmosphere of valor and pride for our country, the rise of the military-patriotic spirit of young people, a manifestation of attention and respect for war veterans, the perpetuation of the memory of dead soldiers, and airmen have covered themselves with unfading glory. Every third pupil was a military pilot flying clubs "Osoaviahima" in the defense of mass activities which were born the origins of flight craftsmanship and mass heroism.

Participants flights will be dressed in the form of pilots samples 1941-1943 years, as well as uniforms of pilots nowadays. The crews aviation photographers and journalists from Moscow and Ufa, the participants of local military conflicts, famous pilots and musicians, winners of the World Cup on Sport ultralight aviation.

In flight are involved 11 units of aviation equipment and general aviation 6 car DOSAAF Russian Republic of Bashkortostan. The total number of participants - 46 people.

The flight will be carried out on the aircraft airfield complex "Pervushin" route Pervushin - Beloretsk - Sibai - Akyar - Sterlitamak - Kumertau - Oktyabrsky - Neftekamsk - V.Tatyshly - Pervushin with the implementation of the remaining landings and serviceable aircraft platforms with the organization of exhibitions in the field of aeronautical engineering. In these settlements, participants flight lay flowers to monuments to fallen soldiers, will visit the museum of military glory, to meet with young people and veterans of areas, as well as take part in the celebrations of the May events.


Preliminary plan and the timing of the flight:

  • Departure April 31 19.00 from Pervushin in Beloretsk Overnight;

  • Departure May 2 9.00 from in Beloretsk in Sibai Overnight;

  • Departure May 3 9.00 from in Sibaya in Akyar Overnight;

  • Departure May 4 9.00 from in Akyar Kumertau Overnight;

  • Departure May 5 10.00 from in Kumertau in Sterlitamak Overnight;

  • Departure May 6 9.00 from in Sterlitamak in Oktyabrsky Overnight;

  • Departure May 7 9.00 from in Oktyabrsky in Neftekamsk Overnight;

  • Departure May 8 10.00 from in Neftekamsk in V.Tatyshly Overnight;

  • Departure May 9 7.00 from in V.Tatyshly in Pervushin Overnight;

The organizers and partners of the project: "Sports Federation sports ultralight aviation of the Republic of Bashkortostan", PO DOSAAF Russian Republic of Bashkortostan, "Ufa Training Resource small aviation center", "the Company fleet Friends", "Road Radio 107,9 Fm», media group, "Virtuoso", TV "BLS" "Wolfhound" group security agencies.

Supported by:

Ministry of Youth and Sports of the Republic of Bashkortostan of the Public Chamber of the Republic of Bashkortostan

Contact phones main participants:

Media Relations Specialist: Valery Smirnov, 89817103289.

Aviazvenev commanders and top aerobatic teams (APG):

  • An airplane with paratroopers-2: Samushia Avtandil, 89272391398;

  • the plane of the advance team and communication "Maul": Haerlanamov Rafail, 89173472710;

  • JI plane "Bekas X-32»: Sergey Poltoratsky, 89177360374; - Head PGA aircraft SHS Class: Sergey Minigul, 89061049589;

  • Head PGA aircraft Cetus: Bugryashov Oleg, 89177520303;

  • rally manager: Adigamov Marat, 89174444410;


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