How to book a plane ticket?
How to book a plane ticket?

How to book a plane ticket?


Rarely is now meet a person who buys a plane ticket at the ticket office airline. Yes, and not much is left of their missions, especially in small towns. Why keep a large number of small offices, pay rent, salaries to managers - if you can sell tickets via the Internet? And travelers much easier, but most importantly - profitable! Why is it so? And how to book tickets online?

It is a mistake to assume that just need to buy a flight on the carrier's website, not to overpay. Comfortable and cheaper to book a flight ticket online through price aggregator that allows you to compare offers, choose options, and then make a purchase.


Instructions for purchasing airline tickets online

To start, you need to choose the point of departure and destination, the number of adults and babies, the day and month of departure and return. If you are not tied to certain dates, you should tick the "Flexible dates" box. After that, the system will offer all the options offered by different airlines, low-costers, travel agencies, etc. They can be sorted by price, from the cheapest, or by speed - from the fastest. Immediately you will see promotional offers. You can open and a low price calendar to find out which days the cost of air travel is minimal. There are other convenient filters.


After choosing a suitable offer you can proceed to booking by clicking on the link on the partner site. Carefully enter the data of all passengers (it is important that there are no discrepancies with the passport), enter the phone number, email address, and payment method. After that, you will receive a confirmation of reservation to the post office. In some cases, the reservation is valid from the 12 hours to a few weeks, but sometimes you need to buy a ticket at once, for example, the low-cost airlines. After making the payment you will receive an e-ticket, with whom he will be able to go to the airport.

Subtleties, to be aware of booking a flight

  • 1. Airlines are always co-operate with the biggest agencies, offering good discounts on tickets, which saves tourists. Often, more profitable to pay the service fee, than to buy a flight directly with the carrier.
  • 2. Take advantage of the best by several online resources so as not to miss a single offer.
  • 3. Note that if the baggage transport is included in the ticket price: sometimes allowed only carry-on baggage.
  • 4. See terms of change of dates or a return ticket. If you pay the minimum cost is unlikely to be able to make adjustments even for money. In any case, the fine will be huge.
  • 5. If you are approached flights with transfers, find out whether you need to pick up again and give baggage: it's going to take time, and you just do not have time on a plane. If you need to change and airport transit visa of pobespokoytes.
  • 6. When booking a flight, you see not only the options in your desired city. Sometimes it's better to land on 40 kilometers further, but significant savings.
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  • 8. Book your air travel on their own, without using the services of travel agencies, really easy. And you can save, and choose the perfect option.