The reasons for the collapse of the Boeing flight 777 MH17 in Ukraine
The reasons for the collapse of the Boeing flight 777 MH17 in Ukraine

The reasons for the collapse of the Boeing flight 777 MH17 in Ukraine



The first evidence of an airplane crash since Boeing 777 On the territory of Ukraine.

Photograph made by American, British or probably a satellite, clearly demonstrates that the airliner might have been hit by a missile of class "air-to-air." It should be noted that in the course of the examination, no traces of photomontage in the picture has not been revealed, and even more than that, this information has been confirmed by an expert from the 20-years of experience George Bilt, according to which the aircraft was first fired air gun and then struck by two missiles of class "air-to-air."

According to the first assumptions, the picture depicts a fighter MiG-27But previously the Ministry of Defence of the Russian Federation claimed that in the vicinity of the Malaysian airliner was zasechёn attack aircraft Su-25.

It is expected that the current information will soon be available to international experts, which will establish whether a satellite image original, or is it a photomontage.

Photo Boeing crash Donetsk



Possible crash versions MH17


The mysterious collapse of the Malaysian aircraft under Ukrainian Torez creates a more and more disputes, all of whom are versatile, and is not completed a formal investigation of the plane crash, say anything about in whose hands is the blood of 298 people it is too early.

However, if the detail consider all possible versions of what happened with the crash of flight MH17, we can distinguish 6 basic versions of what happened, and if you do not go into deep detail, all of them can be explained as the existing currents of, and scientifically.

The first version is by far the most intensive consideration and it is in the fact that the plane was hit by anti-aircraft missile systems "Buk". Despite the fact that this is one of the basic versions of what happened, it is necessary to consider all possible variants of this.


Boeing 777 airline "Malaysia Airlines »was shot down by the Russian military


This version of what happened appeared almost immediately after the plane was shot down, and it appeared from the side of the Ukrainian authorities. Nevertheless, hasty conclusions were quickly not justified due to the fact that the plane fell 60 kilometers from the border with the Russian Federation, which, as you know, the tactical and technical characteristics of the Buk air defense missile system indicate that the target can be hit no further than 35 kilometers, while its capture is carried out within a radius of 150 kilometers.



At the same time, there is a version that the plane could have been shot down by other means of defense, such as missile systems S-300, the range of which is much wider, however, because the missiles of this class left a noticeable infrared stream and not to notice them by satellite It is simply impossible that the Ministry of Defense of the United States and confirmed that this version is not supported.

It should also pay attention to the fact that Russia has absolutely no motive to shoot down the Malaysian airliner since the two countries established friendly relations, and in recent years the EU and the US has been applied to Russia different kinds of sanctions, and exacerbation of this is clearly not the most the best way would affect the country's image.


Boeing 777 airline "Malaysia Airlines »LC was hit by militias and DNI


This version today is shared by most of the EU countries themselves and the authorities of Ukraine. Himself reason for this is that the passenger flight MH17 fell on the territory of the self-proclaimed People's Republic of Donetsk. This version is almost similar to the previous - Malaysia Boeing 777 plane was shot down by SAM "Buk".



It would seem that everything points to the fact that Boeing 777 flight MH17 owned airline «Malaysia Airlines» was shot down from this area, however, said some time ago he official Kiev, before the moment when the SAM "Buk" were captured, they They were disabled soldiers of the National Guard of Ukraine, to provide the most complete loss of use of these weapons by the adversary. In itself, the equipment SAM "Buk" is very difficult to restore it, and in the field are absolutely not given possible.

However, if we take into account the fact that militias DNI and LC still had a battle-worthy setting for its use necessary qualified personnel, since the system only works in analog mode, and requires a minimum of 1 years of preparation.

In view of all these factors, it can be argued that any action by the militias and LC DNI eliminated, or at least very unlikely.

Boeing 777 airline "Malaysia Airlines »was hit by a Ukrainian military


This version came from the Russian authorities, and, it would seem, at first glance, it is very unlikely, but in reality, there are a lot of very interesting fact. Version of itself, as in the previous case, is that the aircraft could again be destroyed by anti-aircraft missile systems "Buk".



It should be noted that in Ukraine there are dozens of SAM "Buk", and given the fact that the current conflict between Russia and Ukraine has grown on a large scale, the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine could well put these anti-aircraft systems near its borders, so that in case attacks reflect the possible air attacks. Qualified personnel in the ranks of the Ukrainian National Guard plenty, so pick the right people is not so difficult.

Just a few hours after the incident plane crash a version that the downed plane Boeing 777 flight MH17 was adopted as a Russian presidential aircraft, and if you carefully consider this version, both of these aircraft are almost identical, and to distinguish them from the radar anti-missile system is impossible. Currently in Ukraine there are often anti-Russian slogans and statements, and therefore it may be a good motive for the destruction of the aircraft.

Finally, another fact of the fact that Boeing 777 belonging to "Malaysia Airlines" was shot down by the Ukrainian military is the simple physics of the plane crash that happened. As you know, the plane crashed near the town of Torez, but considering the fact that the plane still almost completely fell to the ground, we can assume that the trajectory of its fall was parabolic, that is, before the impact on the ground, the aircraft flew a certain distance in its Inertia, and if you make calculations, you can see that the aircraft flew about 120-150 kilometers, and from this it can be concluded that the launch of the missile originated from the territory of the Dnipropetrovsk region.



However, given the large mass of the rocket and its speed of about 2.5 thousand kilometers per hour, it can be argued that if the plane was shot down this SAM, the plane would have fallen in place of the crash, with the probability that he has stayed to whole pieces very unlikely.

Boeing 777 airline "Malaysia Airlines »has fallen due to a technical problem


According to experts, the likelihood that the crash affected by a technical failure, less than one-hundredth of a percent. This can ensure a rather simple example. As is well known by the instructions, if the pilot on board the aircraft detects any technical fault, he must immediately notify the nearest air traffic controller and had only then take any steps to eliminate it. Besides, as you know, part of the plane scattered in the air and there is already a serious problem with the rest.

Flight MH17 airline "Malaysia Airlines »could be destroyed by an act of terrorism


By unknown reasons, this version is considered almost Commission conducting an analysis of the crash occurred, but is under a lot of curious facts.



As you know, not so long ago, the US government called on EU countries to tighten control at airports in connection with possible terrorist attacks, but not all countries have taken into account that, including the Netherlands. In addition, it is possible that an explosive device on board the aircraft could be operated remotely and installed on board the aircraft in advance.

Today world organizations say that the terrorist attacks on planes carried out, usually at lower elevations, but it's just statistics, and it is possible that on board the aircraft Boeing 777 flight MH17 explosive device was powered by a large adjustment.

The motive of this fact is unfortunately not yet been found, but it is possible that the experts will consider this option.

Malaysian plane was destroyed Ukrainian fighters


There are several circumstances for considering such a version, and they usually consist in the facts that appeared after the disaster. The Spanish air traffic controller, who worked on that fateful day at the control tower in Kiev, stated in his microblog that the Malaysian Boeing 777 MH17 2 flight accompanied by fighters, and after a moment, the fighters took the opposite course, and even a few minutes airliner with 298 people on its board disappeared from radar.



It is worth noting that this version of the incident is also very likely, given the fact that most fighters use self-guided missiles that are not capable of completely flashing the aircraft, but can destroy it, and if the personnel are to believe from the scene, one can see that the aircraft was Was destroyed only partially, and part of it flew to the ground, where later it was found. Based on these facts, it can be confirmed that such a version is likely, but it can be proved only if you find the wreckage of the airliner in the place where the plane was shot down, since some of them had to fall almost vertically - to be more precise, then In 100 kilometers from the very site of the wreck.

However, all the mentioned versions are not officially proven, and only a formal investigation may either confirm them or deny, and yet the reason why the plane was shot down over the Malaysian territory of Ukraine, it remains a mystery.

"According to the first assumptions, the picture shows a MiG-27 fighter, but earlier the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation claimed that a Su-25 attack aircraft had been spotted in the immediate vicinity of the Malaysian airliner."

__ Guys, well, if you write a serious article, then let's be accurate in everything.
__ I quote from the RF Ministry of Defense briefing:
"In addition, Russian air monitoring systems recorded a climb by an aircraft of the Ukrainian Air Force, presumably the Su-25, in the direction of the Malaysian Boeing."
In addition, it is possible that there were two planes, what was also information ...


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